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Lost And Anxious Mama Who Gave Birth Prematurely Due To Stress Does The Most Incredible Thing Ever

Lost And Anxious Mama Who Gave Birth Prematurely Due To Stress Does The Most Incredible Thing Ever

Having a relaxing stroll one sunny day, an animal rescuer thought it was going to be just a regular day. However, they came across a very friendly and pregnant pup wandering the streets. 

Since they noticed that she had a collar around her neck, they assumed that she was already part of a family and probably got lost.

Not being able to leave her, the animal rescuer took her to the shelter. Luckily, the lost doggo was a very happy pup who loved being around hoomans and gladly followed.

However, as soon as they arrived at the shelter, something quite unexpected happened.

A New Mom

close-up photo of dog mama
Source: Paws Show

Just two short hours after the pup, now named Stella, arrived at the shelter, she started going into labor.  

Stella was not supposed to give birth at the time, so the rescuers assumed that she gave birth to her puppies earlier than expected because she was under a lot of stress.

As soon as the rescuers noticed what was going on, they immediately rushed toward her, reassuring her that everything was going to be alright and that they were by her side every step of the way.

dog and newborn puppy
Source: Paws Show

When she delivered her litter, this sweet pup took upon her motherly duties right away and started showering her babies with kisses, making sure that they knew they were safe and loved.

But, of course, giving birth, especially to a large litter, is extremely exhausting so Stella had to lie down for a bit. Luckily, the incredible rescuers were honored to be her babysitters so they helped her get them all nice and clean.

The rescue staff decided that because she was so anxious and exhausted, it would be best if the pups didn’t rely too much on their momma for food, so they started feeding them from a bottle.

This would, of course, be only temporary and the puppies would go back to nursing their mom as soon as she regained her strength. However, if she doesn’t recover soon, the rescuers will be forced to take her pups away from her and continue to feed them with formula.

photo of dog and puppy lying
Source: Paws Show

Stella The Incredible

But, since this pup was the strongest and most determined mama ever, she felt like a brand-new dog just a couple of days after giving birth.

She was very energetic, alert, and simply overjoyed to be a mom!

The entire shelter staff adored watching her spend time with her eight puppies. Their hearts were touched by her gentleness and patience toward them, and they knew she would be the best mama ever.

dog lying next to puppies
Source: Paws Show

As nobody came forward claiming that Stella was theirs, the shelter put her and her babies up for adoption.  

The staff wasn’t surprised at all when they started getting flooded with requests from families who were eager to take this little family in. Ultimately, they managed to find one that was simply perfect for them.  

Stella and her babies clicked instantly with their new family, who consisted not only of loving hoomans but also a doggo and three kittens!

mama dog and puppies
Source: Paws Show

They constantly received warm hugs, kisses, and cuddles as well as fun play dates that happened every single day.

Being in such a loving environment, the puppies grew big and strong in no time and managed to find loving families of their own.

Stella remained with her family where she is now the happiest pup living her best life.

Dogs And Labor

Having a pregnant pup who goes into labor is not that easy of a situation to handle. However, making sure to be well-informed and prepared can transform this process into a manageable and rewarding experience for both the dog and its hoomans.

Firstly, it is important to create a quiet and comfortable space in which the mama dog will give birth, preferably away from any distractions and other pets.

You should also carefully monitor your pup for any signs of labor, such as restlessness, panting, or nesting behavior. When they do occur, get her in the space you set up for her and bring her some fresh water and easily digestible food.

Most importantly, remain calm and supportive. Offering the mama some gentle encouragement and reassurance as she goes through labor will allow her to be calmer and more relaxed, making the entire process much easier.

In the end, when the puppies do arrive, make sure that both they and their mother receive proper veterinary care and support to ensure that they are healthy and happy.