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Anxious Mama Dog Is So Happy When She Is Reunited With Her Puppies

Anxious Mama Dog Is So Happy When She Is Reunited With Her Puppies

Just when you think that people can’t be any more cruel, you hear a story of someone heartlessly abandoning a little dog family in an alley in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. 

The anguish and despair of being abandoned was not all this little family had to go through. 

While they were standing there in an alley, hoping their owner would return, a dog mom’s world shatters once again when one of her precious puppies got snatched away by an unknown person. 

Her little heart was broken into a million pieces as she watched helplessly and heard the cries of her baby.

Rescuing The Little Family 

puppies in a box
Source: TikTok

Someone messaged a local dog rescuer, Jessica, about an abandoned mom and her three little babies in an alley. 

However, by the time she got there, one of the puppies was already stolen. 

“I got a message this family was dumped in an alley the night before. By the time I got to her someone had taken one of her puppies already. She was so scared not knowing what to do, watching strangers take her babies,” Jessica wrote on TikTok

The mama dog was so scared and her heart ached for her missing baby. 

photo of dog
Source: TikTok

She made sure that the mama and her two babies were safe, hydrated, and fed before she went to search for the third baby. 

Jessica was determined to get this little family back together, especially after seeing how the mom was heartbroken. 

puppies in a car on a blue sheet
Source: TikTok

After a little investigation, she was able to find the man who had taken the puppy, but he refused to give it to Jessica. Even after she begged, he didn’t budge. 

In the end, Jessica had to pay to get the puppy back. 

A Heartfelt Reunion 

dog mom lying next to puppies
Source: TikTok

“A friend of mine then messaged him because he did not want to give her to me. She then offered him $50 and right away he said OK,” Jessica told Newsweek

Finally, the little puppy was back where he belonged – with his loving family. The sweet mama dog, which Jessica named April, was finally happy again. 

The moment she saw her little one, all the sadness left her face, and she was overwhelmed with joy. 

Little April immediately jumped from her bed, where she had been lying in sadness. Her ears perked up and her eyes were lit with happiness.

dog mom and three puppies
Source: TikTok

The tails of all four dogs were waging a hundred miles per hour, indicating how happy they all truly were to finally be together again. 

April, the sweet soul that she is, did not forget to thank her rescuers – she came to the gate to say ‘thank you’ before hurrying back to her babies. 

Take a look at this heartwarming moment: 


update on the dumped mama with her 3 puppies! We tracked down who took her puppy and had to beg and pay to get her back. My sweet mama is so happy now.🐾🤍#fyp #foryou #adoptdontshop🐾 #foryoupage #brownsvilletx #dumpedpuppies #fosteringsaveslives #scruffydog #texas #dogsoftiktok

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The situation with abandoned animals in the Rio Grande Valley is getting worse each year. 

“I would love their story to be shared because I want people to know how bad it is for animals in this area,” Jessica urged, reflecting how important it is to foster and adopt animals because it can quite literally save lives.