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Very Anxious Dog Who Was Almost Euthanized, Completely Changed After Being Adopted

Very Anxious Dog Who Was Almost Euthanized, Completely Changed After Being Adopted

The number of dogs being put on euthanasia lists for treatable medical conditions is shocking. Many of them don’t live long enough to see how truly beautiful life can be because of some shelters’ short capacities.

That’s exactly what happened to Forrest; a 10-pound Terrier mix who was facing euthanasia because of his ‘anxious behavior.’

This Texas dog was hours away from being sent to a forever sleep, but then a group of giant-hearted rescuers stepped up and decided that today was not the day Forrest would cross the rainbow bridge.

Scared, Silent, And Motionless

Forrest, estimated to be three to four years old, was saved from a terrible hoarding situation

He was mistreated his whole life, which caused him to suffer from severe anxiety. He wasn’t doing well around people or other dogs, and he definitely didn’t know how to behave properly.

“The small dog’s trauma was so pronounced, that the rescue group that first took him in thought euthanasia might be the best option,” the APA team wrote on Facebook.

The kind rescuers of Austin Pets Alive! rescued him after he was already saved by another shelter. However, due to Forrest’s overwhelming demeanor, his rescuers considered euthanasia as ‘the best option’ for this little boy.

Fortunately, Forrest was saved just in time and successfully transferred to the APA facility where his healing process started.

For the first few weeks, he was completely shut down, silent, and motionless. He was literally afraid to make any moves, and just too scared to let anyone near him.

Being such a tiny dog, he was facing so much uncertainty. All those nights being locked in a kennel definitely affected him, and he needed a special care program in order to start trusting people again.

Amazing Transformation

The APA team did everything in their power to help Forrest decompress. The entire team of professionals was engaged in his healing process, and this little boi showed the first signs of progress during the very first month.

He slowly started coming out of his shell, and for the first time ever – he started wagging his tail. This was a huge step for Forrest, considering how bad his trauma was. 

Little by little, he started interacting with people and other dogs until he finally learned that life, indeed, can be sweet. Forrest started trusting again, and he began to feel really comfortable around his new friends.

The peak of his recovery was in November 2023, when the most amazing thing happened. After months of consistent care and training, a wonderful family reached out to the rescue inquiring about Forrest

He was ready to go into a forever home, and now he finally found one! This little boi went to the perfect home where he got a whole family just for himself.

“This little dog will never have to look back on his darker days,” his rescuers wrote.

Forrest, now known as Zephyr, is no longer afraid of people, and he definitely loves everything about his new life. He even has siblings to play and go on exciting adventures with.

Once a terrified pup facing the worst outcome, today, Zephyr is a brand-new pup ready to take on life with his heart and paws wide open!