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Anxious Dog Spends Year In A Kennel Waiting For Someone To Give Him A Chance

Anxious Dog Spends Year In A Kennel Waiting For Someone To Give Him A Chance

Some dogs have a difficult time finding their forever home. They keep getting rejected or overlooked just because of their stress outbursts or anxiety inside a kennel.

What many people don’t know is that their stress derives from the unsuitable environment; not their behavior. And yet, when they finally go into a loving home, they become the biggest lovebugs ever.

Hogan, here, is exhibit A! This amazing New Jersey boi spent over a year behind kennel bars hoping that someone would finally notice him. He was scared and barked a lot, but what he would truly say if he could speak would be: “Please save me, I’m worth it!”

Hogan’s Story

Month after month, Hogan was overlooked by potential adopters in the Monmouth County SPCA, from New Jersey. Even though he was far from being aggressive, people kept passing up on him because he seemed broken.

“What most people don’t know is that these dogs are scared and frustrated, not aggressive or unloveable,” the MC SPCA team wrote on Facebook.

He was very stressed out living in a shelter, and he desperately needed someone to understand him.

Then, it finally happened! Hogan was selected to be in the Loveafoster care program, where he met a wonderful family. 

Once he entered a spacious home and got to know the couple who decided to foster him, he immediately became a different dog. Turns out, all he needed this entire time was a little love, and a comfy bed where he could rest without being distracted by loud noises.

The Perfect Foster Fail

Thanksgiving 2023 was the time Hogan’s foster parents realized that their sweet boi would become a foster fail

All this time, he was so affectionate and with absolutely zero understanding of personal space that they just needed to keep him around.

Hogan was practically a shadow-dog; a total cuddle bug who adapted into his new environment amazingly. And, he definitely adapted to being his pawrents’ favorite child! He just loves being held in their arms or resting “on them.”

“Hogan loves his walks, playing with tennis balls, relaxing just about anywhere (but preferable next to or on top of his foster parents,” MC SPCA wrote.

After so many nights spent in a small kennel, he finally found what he had been looking for all this time, and he couldn’t be happier! 

Hogan takes walks, goes to the beach, accompanies his parents on field trips, and spends every single minute of his life exploring his new world! He absolutely loves being included in all kinds of activities

Recently, the Monmouth County SPCA team posted a Thanksgiving photo of Hogan, showing his unbelievable transformation. 

“What a difference a year can make,” they wrote.

Once a sad, stressed out dog who desperately waited for someone to notice him, Hogan now enjoys his life to the fullest, wearing his pawdorable sweaters and taking on new adventures every day!