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An Adorable Pup Comes To The Bus Stop Every Day To Pick Up His Little Human

An Adorable Pup Comes To The Bus Stop Every Day To Pick Up His Little Human

Our furry best friends know how much we love them. They feel our love every time we wrap our arms around them and speak to them in a loving voice.

Our pups show us that they love us, too. Apart from covering us in kisses and looking at us with love-filled eyes, they do other endearing things to let us know how much we mean to them.

Today’s story is about a delightful Golden Retriever named Kody. He has the sweetest way of showing how much he loves Autumn, his little human.

True Love

kid playing with dog
Source: The Dodo

When Kody met Autumn, he was a little fur baby. She welcomed him into her home in Maryland with outstretched arms and a wide smile on her face. The puppy hugged her. It was love at first sight. The little girl’s eyes lit up with happiness.

The bond they built over the years became strong and beautiful.

When his little human started going to school, Kody missed her a lot. 

He went with Autumn’s Grandma, Kelly, who was also his owner, to the bus stop every day to pick her up.

Kelly’s heart melted every time she saw how excited and happy Kody was when he saw Autumn getting off the bus.

One day, he decided to do a favor for his favorite human. He began taking her book bag in his jaws. 

dog holding kids bag
Source: The Dodo

“He loves my granddaughter. Oh, my goodness, his whole body just wags when she comes into the picture. Once her bus gets there, he goes right up to the doors and then he’ll go and grab the backpack and just take it all the way to the house,” Kelly told The Dodo.

While he is carrying the backpack, his fluffy tail never stops wagging.

“He walks like he’s the most important dog in the whole world because he’s picked up his best friend,” she added.

Autumn feels honored whenever Kody comes to pick her up. She feels like a queen. She makes sure to take the metal bottle out of her bag, so that it won’t hurt Kody’s teeth.

On their way home, Kody walks in front of Autumn, but he always checks up on her and waits for her.

Best Friends Forever

girl kissing a dog
Source: The Dodo

After they come home, Kody and Autumn cuddle and shower each other with love. 

In their free time, they play together, and Kody covers her face in kisses. He is the happiest pup when his best friend is at home.

While Autumn is at school, the adorable pup likes to keep busy and do favors for his mom, Kelly. He brings her the Amazon packages after they are delivered to their Maryland home.

Kelly refers to him as a true gentleman.

She feels happy because Kody and Autumn love each other very much. She’s convinced that they’ll be best friends forever.

It’s truly delightful to be reminded once again of how sweet the friendships between children and dogs are. We wish Kody and Autumn many wonderful adventures together.