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American Bully

The American Bully is a highly trainable dog breed with powerful appearance. But, their nature is sweet and friendly. This good-natured and courageous dog is a great choice for families looking for a guard dog.

Blue American Bully standing in street

Blue American Bully: All The Breed Information You Need

Discover all the information you need about this American Bully, with tips on health and care.

portrait of an american bully dog

American Bully Growth Chart: Here’s How Your Bully Grows!

This chart is here to help future Bully owners figure out how big their American Bully puppy will be one day.

White american Bully standing

5 American Bully Mixes: Rare Breeds You’ve Got To Love

Here are 5 of the most popular American Bully mixes. Which ones are there, what do we know about them, and which one suits your tastes?

pocket bully in the wood

Pocket Bully: A Complete Guide To The Pocket American Bully Dog Breed

This is one of the most popular designer dog breeds in the world. Here's all you need to know about the adorable Pocket Bully!

four american bullies

How Much Does An American Bully Cost? American Bully Puppy Price And Other Expenses

This guide helps owners estimate the cost of owning an American Bully.

a black american bulldog stands on the grass

American Bully Feeding Chart: Tips To Know So Bully Can Grow

Not sure how much food you should serve to your American Bully puppy? Resolve your dilemma with this chart.

two different american bully dogs

American Bully Colors: All The Shades Of This Cuddly Powerhouse

Are you a fan of the mesmerizing American Bulldog? Me too! If you are even more enchanted with the American Bully colors, read this!

presa canario dog with cropped ears

Bully Ear Cropping: A Barbaric Method Or A Bare Necessity?

What do you think about Bully ear cropping? What do you think of ear cropping in general? We bring facts that will help you decide.

american bully standing outside

All The American Bully Types: Sizes, Bloodlines, And More

Do you know all the American Bully types? We do. So, click on this article and learn more. You will be amazed by this breed!

xl and xxl bully dog

XXL Bully Vs XL Bully: What Do You Know About These Giants?

Who wins in this battle? Here is everything you should know about the biggest versions of the American Bully breed.

merle american bully

Merle American Bully: What Are They & Why Are They Special?

This is a dog breed that was created by guided breeding. Unfortunately, these dogs are prone to many health risks.

Merle XL Bully looking at camera

What Is A Merle XL Bully And Should You Get One?

Wonder what owning a Merle XL Bully is like? Continue reading the article to find out about this relatively new and interesting dog breed!

american bully eating from a bowl

American Bully Raw Diet — Is It Good Or Bad?

All the good facts and the drawbacks of this kind of diet for American Bullies, with example recipes to help you cook the best raw food for your dog.

owner feeding puppies

Best Dog Food For An American Bully

Here are 16 types of food that contain ingredients essential for the health of your American Bully.

woman washing dog in tub

11 Best Shampoos For An American Bully: Our Top Picks

The best shampoo for an American Bully is gentle and safe for his skin as well as his fur. Find out our best choices right here.

american bully with red harness

9 Best Harness For American Bully Dogs On The Market

With any of these harnesses, you will not have to worry about your Bully pulling you anymore!

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🐾 12 Best Collars For American Bully Dogs