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The American Bulldog is a guard dog with a sweet personality that makes him a wonderful family dog. Hardly is any other dog as loyal as this Bulldog is. To be happy, this dog needs to have a lot of work, physical exercise, and mental stimulation.

Johnson American Bulldog

Johnson American Bulldog: In-Depth About This Bully

We admire these Bulldog dogs for their loyalty. But, what else is special about them?

White American Bully puppy dog sitting on green grass

Is American Bulldog Ear Cropping Necessary Or Ethical: The Whys And Why Not

The ear cropping is a controversial topic among dog owners and the pet communities. Read more about it right here.

American Bulldog standing in field

An American Bulldog Feeding Chart For Your Eyes Only

A simple American Bulldog feeding chart is pivotal for a dog’s development and health. Have a read and see your life become that much simpler.

american bulldog in nature

American Bulldog Growth Chart: Everything You Should Know

If you are interested in the American Bulldog growth chart, this is the right article for you: find out all the most important info!

a blue American Bulldog walks in a field

Revealing The Blue American Bulldog Enigma

Learn about the reasons why a blue American Bulldog is so rare and unique. Do not hesitate reading this short article while sipping your coffee.

happy american bulldog

The American Bulldog Price: How Much For This Athlete?

Are you a fan of American Bulldogs? Check out the American Bulldog price and see what are the costs of having this beautiful athlete.

two american bulldogs

American Bulldog Colors That Will Make You Go Wow

American Bulldog colors make these canines look more powerful as they accentuate their physical features and athletic build.

black american bulldog

Black American Bulldogs Are Perfect Except For One Thing

What does a black American Bulldog look like? The answer is simple, but there is a reason you cannot find many. The answer is a click away.

black and white american bulldog lying in the grass

Black And White American Bulldog – A Superstar Athlete

The Black and white American Bulldog is a beautiful variation of the American Bulldog breed. Learn everything there is to know about it in this article.