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Amazing Shelter Dog Took In 3 Puppies Under Her Care And Helped Them Recover

Amazing Shelter Dog Took In 3 Puppies Under Her Care And Helped Them Recover

Isn’t it just beautiful how caring most dogs are despite the way many of them are treated horribly? 

This especially applies to strays who suffer abuse almost all the time, but still remain kind and sweet. I have always wondered why it is like that and why we can’t learn more from them.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet female dog who adopted a litter of puppies and helped them grow.

A Welcoming Coincidence

In October of 2023, a woman stumbled upon a female Great Pyrenees who was just walking around the streets of Texas and minding her own business.

She felt sorry for her, as it seemed like she recently had puppies, but when they went to look for them, they were nowhere to be found.

The woman didn’t know what to do, so she thought it would be a good idea to take her to a shelter.

Coincidentally, at the same time, another team of rescuers from Fort Bend County Animal Services found a litter of puppies who were abandoned and without their mom.

They were ten days on their own, and would not survive without help, so they posted a message on social media pleading anyone who could take them in and help them.

However, the woman who saved the Great Pyrenees and contacted the shelter in Texas thought it would be a good idea if she nursed them back to health.

The Fort Bend County Animal Services said in a post: A Good Samaritan saw our post about them, and she had just found a stray mama dog full of milk but with no puppies yesterday.

With her calm demeanor she thought she might take the puppies as her own…and she was right!

Nova Is Just An Amazing Dog

The dog, now named Nova, was brought to the shelter and introduced to the very young puppies to see how she would react.

In no time, her mother’s instincts kicked in and she was ready to nurse them. She seemed happy to see the tiny babies as well.

Even though they were not her puppies, she adopted them as her own and decided to help them grow.

When the time was just right, they were all taken together into foster care where someone could supervise them and make sure everything was all right.

Currently, they will stay with Nova until they are old enough to be on their own. After that, the workers plan on finding them a forever home.

Who would have thought that in the end, such an unusual coincidence would happen and give the abandoned puppies another chance. 

It is just wonderful to see them grow up and get stronger every day as they wait for someone to take them to their new home.