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Alan, The Wonkiest Dog, Proves Every Dog Is Beautiful In Its Own Way

Alan, The Wonkiest Dog, Proves Every Dog Is Beautiful In Its Own Way

Was he too wonky to be loved?

Absolutely not.

Did he expect to find love at that construction site he called home? 

No, not at all. All Alan wanted was to feel safe for the first time in his life.

But, along with safety came love, care, a home, and a life Alan never knew he needed. 

And it was all thanks to the Strutts family living abroad. 

Here’s Alan’s story of how he went from a wonky stray no one wanted to a fun, Internet pawlebrity. 

The Wonkiest Stray Of Them All

Born with a crooked snout and a terrible underbite, Alan had almost no chance. 

His entire canine family was born deformed, and they lived near a construction site. It was no place to call home. One of the construction workers was taking care of them the best he could, but it was still an undertaking.

When Don Strutts first saw Alan, he saw no deformed dog. He saw love and a stray that needed to be shown how beautiful life can be. 

Instead of forgetting about that wonky-faced dog, Don did something many consider wonky: he adopted Alan and welcomed him into his family!

“He was the wonkiest and only got wonkier as he grew up,” Strutt said for Newsweek.

It was a brave move, adopting Alan, especially because everyone who sees him thinks he has some serious limitations. However, after a while, Alan proved to be almost as normal as any dog. 

He had no difficulties with breathing, especially not with eating, as Alan developed a great appetite. 

Life was finally becoming fantastic, even after the family moved to a charming island.

But, could it be better?

Alan The Wonky Dog Goes Online

Yes, life was about to become better!

After adopting Alan, the only logical step was to open a social media account for him, obviously! The Internet community finally met the wonkiest dog of them all, and guess what?

They loved him!

Almost overnight, Alan became an Internet sensation and a pawlebrity. Everyone was dying to see his latest updates on TikTok or Instagram. Millions and millions of people still follow him every day. 

Whether he’s talking about how much he loves food…

@alanthewonkydog Isn’t two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners enough Alan? #alanthewonkydog #verified ♬ original sound – French Bulldog

… or how pretty he is…

@alanthewonkydog #wonkydog #notugly #alanthewonkydog #allypally #funnypets ♬ original sound – Alan the Wonky Dog

Alan is a wonderful creature always ready to make you smile.

Appreciating The Wonkiness 

Alan did not choose to look this way. He was born with an anomaly despite which he proved to people all around the world that he’s more than capable of being a dog. 

A lot of people don’t get how beautiful Alan is. They don’t see past the wonky snout and funny underbite. That’s just sad. Dogs with deformities often get overlooked and picked last at a shelter, if they even get picked at all. 

If it wasn’t for the Strutts, Alan would be just a part of the statistics of unwanted dogs. Today, he’s a superstar and a spokesperson for accepting all kinds of differences.

To honor his wonkiness, a while ago, a children’s book about Alan’s journey came out. It’s a wonderful story of how the written-off pup got to live a spectacular life. 

You can find it on Amazon, and I encourage you to give it a chance. It will teach you a thing or two about loving, even though you thought you knew everything. 

Alan wasn’t too wonky for love. Alan proves he is love!