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After 2 Years Of Agony, This Family Was Finally Able To Hug Their Lost Puppy

After 2 Years Of Agony, This Family Was Finally Able To Hug Their Lost Puppy

The bond between a dog and his best human friend is certainly one of the strongest, if not the strongest of all.

A young married couple of U.S. Army soldiers learned this very well. They became so attached to their puppy that they could not imagine a day without him.

However, shortly before they celebrated his first birthday, something happened that would leave a wound in their hearts forever.

Family Member Drove Them To Despair

couple and their black dog
Source: Wings of Rescue

Jodie was the emotional support dog for Gregory and Victoria Hudler. This couple from Morristown, New Jersey, held him like a drop of water in the palm of their hand. 

Unfortunately, when Jodie was one, they had to give him to a family member for temporary safekeeping as they’d just had their first child.

When everything was over, they tried to get in touch with that family member, but in vain. After a bit of back and forth, the family member admitted to selling Jodie. The pair was crushed.

“At that point, with it being a family member, it was a little bit difficult,” said Gregory Hudler for News12 New Jersey. “We decided on not contacting the authorities and causing a giant mess with the family.”

dog behind the fence bars
Source: Wings of Rescue

Although they tried everything in the following days to get some information about Jodie, there were no results. Thus began almost two desperate years in which every day, they believed a little less that they would ever see their beloved puppy again.

When They Had Already Lost Hope, A Miracle Happened

whole family and black dog
Source: Wings of Rescue

It had been over a year and a half since they’ve seen their doggo. Unfortunately, they lost hope of ever seeing him again.

Then, a few days later, they received news that brought tears of joy to their faces. They got a call from a shelter in Tennessee, saying Jodie had been discovered there. 

It’s unclear how she ended up there, but her microchip aided the Hudlers in identifying her because of their information on it.

The only problem was how to get Jodie to them in Morristown. However, Wings of Rescue, and Animal Lifeline took care of that.

“Tomorrow Wings of Rescue will make a special stop in Knoxville, Tennessee to pick him up, and join our 130 dog transport from Mississippi, so he can be reunited with this super excited couple!  We”ll be singing Reunited and It Feels So Good across the east coast!  Let The Fur Fly!!!” Wings of Rescue posted on their official Facebook page

Their meeting is difficult to describe in words, so it is best to watch the video of this reunion for yourself. It will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Reunited and it feels so good!