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An Abused Stray Dog Living In Trash Next To A Dumpster Is Finally Rescued By Amazing People

An Abused Stray Dog Living In Trash Next To A Dumpster Is Finally Rescued By Amazing People

I’ve always wondered what could possibly drive an innocent and sweet dog to have to hide and shelter away from people by living next to a dumpster.

It’s tragic, and it’s an example that’s seen almost too often in the world today. So, occasionally, a Good Samaritan will notice the misfortune of a stray and do something about it.

But, we definitely have to think more about how we all collectively do more to make sure issues like this happen less.

In this story, we will talk about an abused dog who was living in trash next to a dumpster before someone finally came to his aid.

Chance’s New Hope

stray dog living next to a dumpster
Source: Paws Show

When rescuers from D and A Animal Rescue in Texas first met Chance after being notified about his whereabouts, they were shocked to find that he was living in trash next to a dumpster.

It’s really hard to know how long he was living there, but it was tragic to see a sweet dog have to endure this.

The people who came to his aid noticed that he was a bit frightened, but also desperate for help, so he didn’t run from them.

Chance was also pretty injured and was limping. His rescuers had no idea what happened to him, but they were going to help.

dog with a pile of clothes
Source: Paws Show

He looked completely defeated, but they believed that there was hope for him. He could still lead a normal life.

They placed him in the car and drove straight to the veterinarian clinic in Texas, where they did a full checkup on him, and the results were not great. 

He had a spine fracture, which would need surgery sometime in the future. Aside from that, other issues also needed addressing first.

He was so starved that he couldn’t stand on his feet for more than a few seconds. He is going to need constant help and monitoring to help him recover completely.

Chance Is Starting To Change

woman hugging the dog in the car
Source: Paws Show

For that, his rescuers were on board right away. He was taken into foster care by one of the women who saved him.

When he was there, he finally learned what it’s like to be treated right. He had everything, and he was recovering slowly.

Days and weeks went by, and Chance was finally starting to perk up a bit. His tail was wagging almost all the time, and his foster mom just loved him.

However, as time went on, it was now time for his spine surgery. The procedure went fine, but there was a new problem now.

His spine did not heal correctly, and corrective surgery would be way too risky for Chance, so they chose not to do it. 

dog sitting in man's lap
Source: Paws Show

They had to keep him on anti-inflammatory medications regularly. After this, he started his recovery journey.

His foster mom made sure to walk him regularly, and together, they would drove to different places and explore their surroundings.

Chance seemed much happier to be with her, and he was making amazing progress. He grew more confident and even started approaching other people.

Weeks turned into months and this sweet dog completely transformed in the care of his foster mom.

He went from being sick, fragile, and afraid of humans to a sweet and playful dog who just loves being around people.