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This Severely Abused Pup Never Felt Love Until She Met The Most Amazing Person

This Severely Abused Pup Never Felt Love Until She Met The Most Amazing Person

Astoria was a pup who did not have a happy life growing up.

Before she was rescued by a local shelter, Astoria was doing her best to try to survive the harsh life on the streets, looking for scraps in order to fill her hungry stomach.

Unfortunately, no hooman had ever stopped to help her or at least offer her some food. All they did was completely ignore her and just walk past her like she didn’t even exist.

But, all that changed when some animal rescuers finally heard her cries, offering a helping hand and taking her to the local shelter where a new chapter of her life would begin.

Finally Safe

scared abandoned dog
Source: Youtube

When Astoria was brought to the shelter, she was extremely shy.

Her past life and experiences did not allow her to relax, so she just hid in a corner trying to hide from the world.

Even though she had a very severe wound on her shoulder that probably caused her a lot of pain, Astoria did not allow any hooman to touch her, let alone give her medical attention.

Because of this, her rescuers knew that it was crucial to gain her trust and show her that they would not hurt her. In order to do so, they decided to offer some yummy food.

man trying to feed puppy
Source: Youtube

However, even though she was extremely malnourished and definitely starving, this pup refused to take a single bite. All she did was sniff the food and retreat further back into her corner.

The rescuers tried to hand-feed her, hoping that she would feel more comfortable this way, but it was of no use. Astoria was so traumatized that not even her hungry stomach persuaded her to put her trust in hoomans.  

Luckily, Astoria’s rescuer somehow managed to give her a much-needed bath after which she finally started opening up.

dog in towel
Source: Youtube

Incredible Transformation 

While she was having her bath, Astoria probably realized that these hoomans were the good guys and were there to make her life better.

After her bath, this sweet pup was even able to eat some of the food that her rescuers hand-fed to her.

As soon as she had her first bite, her tail started wagging and she even got up out of her corner to take some more.

dog eats from human hand
Source: Youtube

Seeing her coming out of her shell made Astoria rescuers cry tears of joy!

Her newly-gained confidence allowed her rescuers to finally provide her with the medical attention she needed. In no time, the wound on her shoulder cleared up, and she got all of her vaccinations and was dewormed.  

dog lays on banket
Source: Youtube

With each passing day, Astoria opened up more and more and was eventually ready to find a forever family.

Luckily, a loving family noticed her and decided to take her in. This once-shy pup was overjoyed to hear the incredible news and was more than happy to start the new chapter of her life.

happy dog sitting and looking up
Source: Youtube

Astoria is now living an amazing life full of happiness, love, and affection. She completely came out of her shell and is the sweetest girl.

She spends her days playing with her furry siblings, cuddling with her hoomans, and eating the yummiest food ever.

Good girl, Astoria.

Final Word

Coming across stories in which pups with a dark past finally got their happily ever after truly is one of the best things ever!

But, it is important to remember that Astoria isn’t the only pup with such a story.

According to research conducted by PETA, there are an estimated 70 million homeless dogs and cats in the U.S.

Every single one of them is doing their best in order to survive, hoping that a kind hooman will offer them a helping hand before it is too late.

You can be that helping hand! By rescuing stray animals or informing your local shelters about them, you are giving these babies a second chance at life – a chance to be happy and healthy!

And, trust me, there is no better feeling than that one!