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Abandoned Pups Who Spent A Week On Train Tracks Still Hoped That Their Owner Would Return

Abandoned Pups Who Spent A Week On Train Tracks Still Hoped That Their Owner Would Return

As soon as Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, was notified about two pups carelessly abandoned near some train tracks, she knew she had no time to spare.

Unfortunately, the bad news didn’t stop there.

Rescue Mission

photo of two puppies on train tracks
Source: Suzette Hall

When she got to the location, Suzette carefully approached the pups and what she noticed broke her heart.  

She realized that the dogs were Poodle-mixes who were obviously used for breeding by their previous owner who was cruel enough to abandon them in such a way.

Another very unfortunate realization was that because they stayed in the same spot for a whole week, the pups were still hoping that their previous owner would come back.

They would just sit there. [Abandoned dogs] always think the person who threw them away is coming back. They’re so loyal.

As much as Suzette tried to help, this rescue mission turned out to be quite difficult. And, the fact that they were in an industrial area surely didn’t help much.

They kept hiding under the buses and running up and down the train tracks.

two dogs behind metal fence
Source: Suzette Hall

However, Suzette wasn’t one to give up that easily.

She came up with a plan, along with a group of trusty helpers, to stay and wait for hours until they successfully trapped the poor pups.

And, they did it!

New Life

Since Suzette found the two pups together, calling them Major and Divine later on, she ultimately assumed that they were very close to each other.

However, when the pups arrived at the vet, it was clear to everyone around that this wasn’t quite the case.

They wanted nothing to do with each other.

two dogs in a kennel
Source: Suzette Hall

Suzette explained that most of the time, dogs will bond with each other in order to survive, and when they are out of danger, they actually want nothing to do with each other.

Usually, it’s because they’re related. So it’s like real brothers and sisters.

In the end, the fact that they no longer liked each other didn’t even matter.

As soon as the pups made a full recovery, they were adopted into two different families.

man, woman and dog next to a car
Source: Suzette Hall

After the turbulent life these two pups experienced, they forgot all about it as they found out what being loved really felt like.

Even though they were separated, their life was quite similar.

Both pups had a little doggo sibling, and they kept the names they were given at the shelter.

But, most importantly, both puppies were thriving in the warm and loving environment they found themselves in.

They both got the most amazing homes ever.