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Abandoned Pup Spends 3 Whole Days Tied To A Dumpster, Waiting For Someone To Help Her

Abandoned Pup Spends 3 Whole Days Tied To A Dumpster, Waiting For Someone To Help Her

When Kiarra got an urgent call about a pup tied to a dumpster for three whole days, she was devastated and knew she needed to do something.

Arriving at the location, the rescuer was met with a dog who looked at her with sad eyes and was ready to be taken somewhere where she was wanted.

Rescue Mission

dog with garbage outdoor
Source: YouTube

Since the pup was super friendly, Kiarra immediately got her in the car and took her to Stray Rescue Of St. Louis.

Being so sweet and kind, and being only a couple of hours at the St. Louis shelter, the hopeful pup managed to find a foster home.

“I was just drawn to her, so I decided that I would like to go ahead and foster her,” said the pup’s new foster mom, Kendra.

healthy dog on harness
Source: YouTube

New Life

Being named Asami, the doggo got into the car and was on her way to her new life.

smiling woman with dog in the car
Source: YouTube

Asami settled in right away and loved spending time with her foster mom, being her little shadow and following her wherever she went.

 She just has a rough time being left alone. If I close any door and we are on opposite sides, she will whine, howl and bark.

Even when she has to go do her business, Kendra has to follow Asami into the back yard and wait for her to finish.

woman hugs with dog
Source: YouTube

Over time, Asami started to relax and felt more comfortable with doing things by herself as well as being alone.

Her new favorite pastime is having fun in the snow!

She loves the snow. She loves to run and jump in the snow.

dog running on the snow
Source: YouTube

Kendra loves spending time with her in her foster home, and is happy that she is able to give her a warm and loving environment, which will allow Asami to get used to human presence, helping her find the perfect forever home.

Importance Of Fostering

Unfortunately, some pups don’t have the bright and happy past life that they deserve. So, after being rescued, they really need somebody who is going to keep a close eye on them and restore their faith in hoomans.

That is where foster parents come in. Many animals need more personalized care and an environment in order to get back on their paws again.

Foster families can tend to animals in a more individualized way, tending to specific needs, such as medical care, behavioral training, or simply giving them all the attention that they need.

Additionally, fostering allows rescued animals to be exposed to different people, animals, and environments, which will ultimately improve their social skills, making them more adoptable.

Plus, fostering helps shelters and rescue organizations. Because these organizations tend to be overwhelmed by the number of animals rescued, fostering helps them focus on saving and housing more animals in need of help.

And, let’s not forget the emotional reward that every foster parent gets! Having such a positive impact on the life of an animal in need, one’s heart can’t help but be filled with never-ending love, warmth, and joy!

So, unleash your inner hero, head down to your local shelter, and feel the joys of fostering!