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Starving Pittie Abandoned By The Road Now Has A Whole Family Of Dogs To Love Him

Starving Pittie Abandoned By The Road Now Has A Whole Family Of Dogs To Love Him

Oh, Pitbulls… The breed that gets so much unwanted bad publicity. It breaks my heart to see how many people dislike Pitties without valid reasons. 

Don’t they know Pitbulls are super sweet and caring? Don’t they know their unconditional love can make a man’s life a whole lot better?

Don’t they know Pitbulls are simply… Incredible?!

According to what happened to Big Head, his hoomans clearly didn’t know that.

Abandoned by the side of the highway, there he was: all alone and heartbroken – all skin and bones.

Big Head was desperate for some attention and love. 

And, he finally got more of that than his fragile body could take. 

I’ve Got A Big Family Now!

pitbull lying in grass
Source: YouTube

His location was Houston, right by the side of the road. Driving to the other side of the town in the middle of the night didn’t stop Lacy from rescuing him. 

She thought he was a white plastic bag. She almost didn’t see him. But then, the helpless Pittie raised his head and locked eyes with his future fur mommy. 

The Pitbull, which was soon named Big Head Fred, was severely malnourished and too skinny for his own good. To make things even worse, Big Head was infested with fleas. 

His eyes were screaming for help. His poor body was shaking with fear and a dose of excitement. 

Could he finally be saved?

Big Head couldn’t walk; that’s how weak he was. He had to be carried to the car and into his new home. His new family did everything to keep him nice and cozy that night… and the rest of the nights!

woman helping pitbull
Source: YouTube

Big Head came to stay. 

Soon enough, the dangerous dog of the Pitbull breed turned out to be the exact opposite of what people usually think. Big Head was the ideal specimen of a lovebug dog. 

“I told my husband we were keeping him, and he just burst into tears”, said his fur mom Lacy for The Dodo.

This dog in need was rescued when he gave up on everything. Hope came to him just when he thought he would never be loved. But, he was loved. He became everyone’s favorite canine in the house, and I’m not talking about hoomans.

Big Head Fred came into a home with eleven rescued dogs at the time. He was introduced to each one alone, and they all seemed to love the newcomer.

All but… Harvey, the rescued cat.

Letz Be Frens?

close-up photo of pitbull and cat
Source: YouTube

Henlo, wanna be frens?

*hisses in cat*

That’s how Big Head’s conversations with Harvey the cat went at first. 

The chunky cat rescued during Hurricane Harvey was fine with the rest of the rescue doodles, but he needed time to warm up to the idea of Big Head.

The sweet Pittie was okay with that and gave Harvey as much time as he needed. 

We don’t know who was more impatient to finally cross the boundary and meet, Big Head or Harvey. But, soon enough. Harvey started to make little steps towards finally accepting Big Head.

He started coming closer, and doing little snuggles with the latest family addition. 

“One day when I walked into the kitchen I noticed that they were laying there and that their tails were touching. Then at one point Harvey was up on this little table, and Big Head just kinda kept trying to play with him. And I saw him trying to play back, like with his little paw. It showed progress, and it showed love, and it showed acceptance,” added hoomom.

That’s it: Big Head and Harvey became friends.

Big Head finally made it, and he was loved by everyone in this Houston home.

Latest Big Head News

photo of pitbull and a cat
Source: YouTube

Several months after Big Head’s rescue, big changes happened in his new family.

Unfortunately, not the best ones. 

Lacy and Scott, the couple that rescued Big Head had to suffer through some major losses. Piper, Tyco, Brodie, Dolly, Chanel, Bella, and Harvey the cat have crossed the rainbow bridge and are now watching over the family from above. 

Big Head Fred is still doing well and loving his family life. He misses his fur siblings dearly, especially Harvey. 

Lacy, Big Head, and the rest of the fur babies invite you to follow them on Instagram, where you can see sweet and funny videos of this unique family daily.

One woman didn’t feel any fright the night she rescued a dog in need. That dog is now thriving. It was a risky but fruitful move.

Imagine what difference your move can make. Now go out and save some lost souls!