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Abandoned Pittie Kept Trembling Until Her Rescuers Hugged Her

Abandoned Pittie Kept Trembling Until Her Rescuers Hugged Her

It’s heart-wrenching to see that so many dogs are dumped and rejected. Their heartless owners betray the lovely pups who need to be loved and cherished like the greatest treasure.

Many dogs are deprived of human love and care because they end up in the hands of breeders who use them to make profit. Once the canines reach a certain age, they discard those beautiful souls without any remorse.

“Kisses”, a gorgeous and sweet Pittie, deserved to be cherished, too, but sadly, her owner abandoned her at a fast-food restaurant. Alone and afraid, she took refuge in a trash room, hoping that someone would soon take her somewhere safe.

Crouching Behind A Dumpster

Abandoned Pittie with a sad look
Source: The Dodo

A Good Samaritan noticed the frightened Pittie and called Hope For Paws, an animal rescue based in Los Angeles, California. As soon as they received the call, the rescuers, JoAnn Wiltz and Alex Babcock, went to pick her up and bring her to the shelter.

When they arrived, the Pittie was lying in front of a trash room. Once she saw the rescuers approaching, the pup retreated and hid behind a dumpster. 

The rescuers noticed that the doggo was limping and that she had scars on her whole body.

They were deeply saddened to see how frightened she was. She kept trembling while crouching behind the dumpster. JoAnn and Alex fed her, and the Pittie started wagging her tail. She looked at them with hope-filled eyes.

Once the rescuers put a leash around her neck, they tried to walk her to the car, but the scared doggo hesitated.

Pittie Feels Safe and Her Fears Disappear 

the dog kisses the rescuer's wife
Source: The Dodo

JoAnn and Alex stroked her and gave her a hug. She instantly bellied up and they tenderly rubbed her belly. The sweet canine finally felt safe and soaked up their cuddles. She was ready to go with them.

The Pittie fell in love with her rescuers and gave them the most adorable kisses. They were enchanted with her loving personality, and they named her Kisses.

Shortly after bringing her to the shelter, Kisses’ rescuers gave her a bubble bath. Initially, the pup was a little bit shy, but after the bath, she felt so grateful that she covered Alex’s face with kisses. She longed to be loved and cared for.

The adorable Pittie moved to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue, located in San Diego, California. 

Her Foster Family Adores Her

a smiling pit bull lies on the carpet
Source: @itsthepits

Upon her arrival, the rescue started looking for a foster. 

At the time, Lori, one of the fosters, was taking a break from fostering, but as soon as she saw Kisses’ rescue video, she fell head over heels in love with her. She decided to foster her.

She went to pick her up and the whole family welcomed her to their home.

”Seeing her in person the first time, I just melted. She is just the cutest dog,” Lori said. 

Ever since she arrived at her foster home, Kisses started showering her foster family with lots of kisses and hugs.

a happy family with their pit bulls on a leash
Source: @itsthepits

The Pittie’s eyes were filled with love and gratitude. She loved holding hands with her family and she liked to put her paw into their hands. Her foster family made her feel safe and she trusted them.

Lori was very proud of Kisses’ progress.

“She’s blossomed so much. She is so happy.” 

Kisses’ foster family loved her very much and they realized that they couldn’t let her leave. They knew the precious Pittie was the one, and they adopted her. She will be loved and cherished forever.

The wonderful pup finally has an amazing family who gives her the love and affection that she deserves.