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Pittie Abandoned By His Family Now Goes Running In The Ocean With His New Dad

Pittie Abandoned By His Family Now Goes Running In The Ocean With His New Dad

It’s stories like Charlie’s that restore our faith in humanity! 

This amazing Pittie was cruelly abandoned by his family. For many days and nights, he roamed the streets of Compton in hope of finding a refuge for himself. 

Weak, emaciated, and covered in bloody wounds, this poor boi would definitely not have made it on his own. Given his condition, he was literally days away from the point of no return. 

A giant-hearted woman spotted him on the street and dropped him off at a local shelter in the attempt to give him a temporary home, but then, something amazing happened!

Saved At The Last Minute

white dog sitting on a front seat
Source: The Dodo

Shira Scott Astrof, the founder of The Animal Rescue Mission, was on her way to the Downey shelter to pick up a dog when she saw Charlie. The woman who found him on the street drove him all the way to the shelter, but this weak Pittie needed vet help.

One of the workers asked Shira, the long-time dog rescuer, to take in Charlie, as he would have definitely not made it in the shelter.

“I arrived at the Downey shelter to pick up a senior girl when I saw an emaciated, scared puppy covered in deep wounds being dropped off. One of the shelter workers said to me: Please don’t let this dog enter the shelter, he won’t make it out,” Shira wrote.

With the help of her friend, Katie Cleary, of Peace 4 Animals, Shira managed to take Charlie to Malibu hospital and give him much-needed treatment. 

Despite his condition and the fact that his wounds were probably the result of him being used as a baiting dog, he never, ever displayed aggression. 

He was such a lovely, gentle Pittie who wagged his tail all along, as if he was trying to say: “Thank you for saving me, hoomans!”

“These dogs are incredible. Even after the horrific torture he had endured at the hands of humans, all he wants to do is love and be loved,” Shira wrote on her Instagram.

From Abandonment To A Loving Home

Charlie stayed at the vet for several weeks until he finally felt better. He was given care around the clock, and in just a few short days, he had already gained weight and started eating properly.

The good news was – he didn’t need to wait long for his forever home! One of Shira’s friends told her about a man named Jay, who fell in love with Charlie’s story and would be really happy to give him a forever home.

After Charlie got out of the hospital, he and Jay finally met – and melted everyone’s hearts! Even though it was their first meeting ever, the two bonded immediately, proving that they’re gonna be the best buds in the world!

Jay took Charlie to his home in Manhattan Beach, California. This amazing duo embarked on a wonderful journey together, and it seems that Charlie loves every second of it.

He acclimated to the new home as if he had always been Jay’s dog. He meets new people on a daily basis, goes for beautiful beach walks, and he even swims in the ocean with his dad!

Charlie has finally got the perfect place to exhibit his true personality, and Jay’s just grateful for being able to provide him a safe place. After everything he has been through, seeing him run happily again is the greatest privilege.

We hope that Jay and Charlie will enjoy each other’s company for many more years. Given their amazing bond, there’s absolutely no doubt that they will make every new day count!
You can keep up with Charlie and his dad on their official Instagram.