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Abandoned Dog Stays By The Corner Where She Was Left, Hoping Her Owner Would Return

Abandoned Dog Stays By The Corner Where She Was Left, Hoping Her Owner Would Return

Sometimes, I wonder: do people who abandon their pets on the street ever consider what happens to them? 

Are they hungry? Where do they find shelter? Do they even survive? 

It’s possible that these individuals quickly forget they ever owned a pet, but sadly, that pet doesn’t forget the pain and betrayal so easily.

Sometimes, despite the cruel act of abandonment, these poor dogs still wait for their previous owners, refusing to believe that their beloved have humans left them. 

They spend days and nights, months, and even years in the same place they were dumped, hoping to see a familiar face once again. It’s heartbreaking, but tragically, it’s a harsh reality that many rescuers face every single day.

A Heartwarming Rescue

dog lying in the street
Source: Suzette Hall

This sweet German Shepherd girl appeared in a neighborhood in the City of Brea, California in March, 2024. 

It was evident that someone clearly dumped her there to fend for herself. Abandoned and alone, she stayed and waited at the same corner, clinging to the hope that her owner would return for her. 

In the hardest of times, her loyalty remained unwavering to the core – a true testament to the nature of these remarkable dogs.

As the sun would start to set, this beautiful girl would seek shelter in one of the neighboring courtyards, sleeping in the same spot every single night. 

Thankfully, the homeowners cared for her, leaving food and water, but they couldn’t catch her because she was scared.

“They left out food and water and worried about her. This sweet Shepherd even held her own and fought off two coyotes,” Suzette Hall, a local rescuer from Irvine, California, wrote in her Facebook post.  

That’s when the kind people decided to call for help, worried that she wouldn’t survive for too long on her own. They couldn’t just sit and wait for something bad to happen to this poor girl. 

Quickly, they reached out to Suzette, an experienced rescuer and the founder of Logan’s Legacy 29 rescue.

Rescued In Loving Memory

dog on the sidewalk
Source: Suzette Hall

When Suzette saw that it was a Shepherd dog, her heart simply broke. Her only son Logan loved all dogs, but especially Shepherds – they were what she liked to call his “heart dogs.”

After she lost Logan to a rare heart condition, Suzette founded Logan’s Legacy 29 animal rescue to keep his memory alive. 

Soon after they contacted her, Suzette arrived at the location. She saw this sweet baby girl tired and exhausted from waiting on the street. 

They tried to trap her, but she got scared and ran away from them. After everything she had been through, she just didn’t know she could trust these strangers. 

Sadly, during the night the rain started to fall. 

Wet, cold from the rain, and hungry, she once again sought refuge on the homeowner’s porch.

Luckily this time they were able to catch her quickly. 

dog in a kennel
Source: Suzette Hall

“I drove up there and just felt in my heart today was her day. She was awake and hungry. Cold from the rain. We set my trap and we all hid. It wasn’t even 5 minutes before this sweet girl was safe in my trap. We literally cried and hugged,” Suzette said. 

They moved her out of the rain, happy that she was finally safe and will soon receive help she needs. 

She doesn’t need to worry about coyotes anymore, or if she will go to sleep with an empty stomach. 

Hopefully, she’ll soon find her forever home and people who will love and cherish her forever.