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Dog Abandoned By His Owners In A Shelter In Pennsylvania Found His Perfect Family

Dog Abandoned By His Owners In A Shelter In Pennsylvania Found His Perfect Family

What all dogs need and deserve is their parents’ unconditional love and care. When we welcome them into our life, we promise to be by their side always and give them all our love.

We feel happy when we see our fur babies thrive, and we try to give them the best possible life.

Sadly, there are careless owners who don’t provide their pups with the necessary love and care, and they end up surrendering them to shelters.

My heart sinks when I think about the precious pups who were neglected and betrayed by their owners who promised to take care of them.

These pups were certain that their family loved them. When their parents give them up, the canines feel heartbroken. They keep waiting for their owners to come back and take them to the only place they called home.

Carson was one of the sweet dogs who went through a heartbreak after his family gave him up and left him at ACCT Philly, a shelter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

All that Carson ever wanted was their love, and he couldn’t understand why his parents didn’t want him anymore.

A Difficult Time At The Shelter

sad pitbull at shelter
Source: The Dodo

When Carson arrived at the shelter, his skin was inflamed and he had open sores on his body. His owners admitted that they never took him to see the vet. Eventually, they decided to surrender him to the shelter.

Carson felt brokenhearted when he found himself in a shelter crate. He missed his home and his human siblings whom he loved very much. Feeling rejected and very frightened, he started shaking in his crate.

Unfortunately, due to his overwhelming fear and inability to adapt to the shelter environment, he was at risk of being put down. 

Wishing to save him, the shelter staff posted a heartbreaking video on social media that showed the sad pup trembling uncontrollably in his kennel.

Carson Is Safe

woman sitting with the pitbull
Source: @phbt_carson

As soon as the staffers at the Philly Bully Team, a foster-based rescue in Philadelphia, saw the video of the terrified pup, they swiftly reached out to his shelter and took Carson under their care. 

The rescue staff felt saddened to see the doggo in such a state.

They took Carson to the vet and the pup underwent a thorough medical checkup. The vet diagnosed him with allergies and gave him the necessary medication.

The staff showered him with love and care and his skin began healing. 

Soon, the rescue found him a foster and Carson left the shelter. He soaked up all the affection and cuddles that his foster mom gave him.

Meeting The Love Of His Life

photo of woman and a pitbull
Source: @phbt_carson

Later on, the sweet pooch moved to another foster home. His second foster mom, Deanna, said that the first time Carson came to her house, he fit in perfectly.

She gave him the love he needed all his life and Carson felt safe in his foster mom’s arms. His eyes were no longer sad – they sparkled with happiness. 

Carson loved his foster mom deeply, and she applied to adopt him. When he officially became her pup, both of them were over the moon.

He is a real cuddle bug and he wants to snuggle with his mom all the time.

“He’s a sensitive dog, like he loves to snuggle. Every opportunity he gets he just climbs right up in my lap… I’m trying to work from home at my office desk and he gets annoyed that I’m not paying him enough attention,” Deanna told The Dodo.

Carson enjoys going on walks with his mom. He feels overjoyed and his whole body wags. He can’t contain his excitement.

woman walking the dog
Source: The Dodo

Whenever they return from their walk, the first thing Carson does is run to the couch. He starts wagging his tail, and he lets his mom know it’s time for snuggling.

“His main mission in life is to cuddle on the couch with me. And he knows that if he does that I will sit on the couch and snuggle with him and every time, I melt. It’s so adorable. I can’t handle it,” Deanna added.

happy dog sitting on colorful blanket
Source: @phbt_carson

Love changed Carson’s life completely. The lovely doggo has a big smile on his face and he has never been happier.

He and his mom, Deanna, occasionally post updates about Carson’s dream life on his Instagram account. The sweet pup enjoys playing with his toys and snuggling with his favorite human – his mom.

We’re thrilled that Carson found the happiness and love he needed and deserved.