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Starving Dog Found Lying In A Small Kennel, She Ate Anything To Survive Her Abandonment

Starving Dog Found Lying In A Small Kennel, She Ate Anything To Survive Her Abandonment

Imagine running into a dog lying helplessly in a small kennel on a freezing day. That’s pretty much what life has been like for Prima, who was abandoned by her owners in the winter.

This doggo girl was extremely emaciated and ate anything she could find to survive, which led to almost fatal consequences. 

When found, Prima was only days away from the point of no return. Her condition was much more serious than first expected, and timely treatment was her only hope.

Found In Horrible Shape

Jannel and Robby, two volunteers from Houston, Texas, found Prima on their regular stroll through a local park, where they had been feeding dumped animals. She was lying in one of the “houses” Corridor Rescue had put out for stray animals during the winter. 

As Jannel looked closer, she noticed that Prima didn’t look like an ordinary dog. Her stomach was bloated, and she could barely move, so they immediately rushed to investigate.

As they approached her kennel, they noticed that Prima was extremely skinny. Her spine was visible, and her swollen belly was possibly the result of progressed heartworm disease. The volunteers offered her some food and water, which she took with some hesitation.

“This girl was starved to the point that when she was dumped she ate anything she came across and continued to eat,” Corridor Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

Knowing that Prima would probably not make it on her own, they immediately contacted Corridor Rescue, who agreed to take in the poor girl.

“I was shocked at what I saw when she stepped out. She was emaciated with a very large stomach. I immediately started making phone calls knowing she needed rescue right away,” Janell wrote on Facebook.

After some time, they managed to lure Prima out and load her into their car. During the ride to the rescue, she completely surrendered. Even though she was frightened and clearly afraid of humans, she looked as if she knew that her saviors wouldn’t do bad to her.

Beating The Odds

At the vet, Prima was diagnosed with end-stage heartworms. Unfortunately, they migrated to her pulmonary artery, which made it almost impossible to remove with surgery.

At that point, she was considered to be a hospice patient, and the rescue’s only goal was to put Prima in a comfortable foster home where she would feel safe and loved.

According to her rescuers, Prima underwent a lifetime of neglect and suffering. Despite her unknown past, it is clear that this dog was cruelly dumped and mistreated, which ultimately led to Prima developing long-term trauma. 

Besides her physical condition, this girl had a hard time adjusting to a new environment and people, as she was severely traumatized.

After careful consideration, the vet team came to the conclusion that her only option would be an invasive, fast heartworm treatment, which implied a series of injections over several months.

That was her last chance of survival, and the rescue team was inclined to give her a chance. Additionally, she was kept on fluids, fed every couple of hours, and received needed antibiotics to help her go through this.

During her treatment, Prima started to exhibit signs of progress. She miraculously started to feel so much better, and her swollen belly soon disappeared. To everyone’s shock, Prima beat the odds like a champ as her heartworms slowly vanished from her body.

“She wasn’t going to let anything from her past stand in her way of a happily ever after. This little miracle refused to be held down by the word hospice any longer,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

After an exhausting treatment at this Texas rescue, she finally felt like her old self and embarked on a transformative journey in her foster home. 

Prima came out of her shell and started hanging out with other dogs, happy to get a second chance at life. After all the hardship she’d been through, it was now finally the time for her to thrive!

Miraculous Ending

Within only a few months, Prima looked nothing like her old self. She blossomed into an affectionate, loving girl who adored absolutely everything about her new life. 

She was so sweet and playful, and she finally went full doggo! According to her foster pawrents, Prima is a lover. She enjoys snuggling up next to her foster buddies, and it is almost impossible to take a still photo of her unless she is asleep.

Once declared a hospice patient, Prima was now ready for a new home and a new beginning. And, soon enough, her new family showed up!

She found a wonderful home with an amazing family, and she couldn’t be happier. Prima thrives and shines in a new environment, as she takes on every new day as a brand-new adventure.

Thanks to giant-hearted rescuers who wouldn’t give up on her, Luna now has a whole new life ahead of her!