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Heartbroken Chihuahua Abandoned By Her Family Cries Herself To Sleep Every Night

Heartbroken Chihuahua Abandoned By Her Family Cries Herself To Sleep Every Night

Abandoned dogs and overcrowded shelters are topics that unfortunately have been appearing more and more on the front pages of various media companies lately.

Although many experts and “friends of animals” are constantly pointing out this growing problem, many people seem to remain deaf to these warnings.

One of those is the owner of a one-year-old dog who suddenly decided that she simply no longer needed her pet.

That’s why, one day, she just left her dog in the high-kill shelter, leaving without even saying goodbye. The poor little pup was left heartbroken and crying in a place she was simply not used to living in.

The Video Touched Many

This little Chihuahua with beautiful white fur was so confused by the new situation that for a while, she could not even move from the place where she was brought.

The Carson Animal Shelter volunteers saw that her heart was filled with sadness. Unfortunately, there was not much they could do at the moment.

One thing they could do, however, was dress the little dog in a pink sweater to make her feel at least a little warmer. But, even that didn’t help this pup who went to bed crying every night.

Still, they had to react quickly because the shelter was overcrowded and she was threatened with euthanasia.

That’s why one of the volunteers at the Carson Animal Shelter had the idea to record a video of the crying dog in order to stir people’s emotions.

And, that’s exactly what happened as the video melted the hearts of many humans who saw it on the shelter’s official Facebook page.

“Last Minute” Happy Ending

It didn’t take long before one woman saw the post and contacted a friend who was interested in adopting a dog. 

As soon as her friend saw the video, without much thought, she decided to take her to a warm home and literally save her life.

The little Chihuahua was now happily living in Missouri with owners who loved her. After everything that she went through, this Chi deserves a lifetime of happiness!

Nevertheless, the problem of overcrowded shelters still remains, and this facility, like many others, is asking people every day to get more involved in this matter.

So, don’t hesitate and, if you’re able, open your heart to these sweet little ones because one move of yours can sometimes save a life.