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Blue-Eyed Pup Who Was Abandoned By His Family Becomes Completely Unrecognizable When Rescued

Blue-Eyed Pup Who Was Abandoned By His Family Becomes Completely Unrecognizable When Rescued

It is very unfortunate and heartbreaking when you realize that there are still hoomans who keep forgetting that animals have emotions, too – they can experience joy and sadness just like any one of us.

That’s why when a family kicked their dog out of their house onto the street, the poor pup had trouble understanding what was going on.

He was covered in mange and trying to survive from the scraps that he found in the trash.  

Luckily, this hard life was about to completely change, thanks to one incredible woman.

Rescue Mission

abandoned blue eyed pup
Source: The Dodo

When Rachel, from Sidewalks Specials, learned about this pup and the state he was in, she was devastated.

“He actually looks quite scary when you first see him. The only beautiful thing was his eyes. They are so piercing and so direct. The rest of him, bless his heart, looked like a scrawny, little trash monkey,” Rachel told The Dodo.

She immediately made her way down to the location where he was last seen, trying to gain his trust and offer him help.

malnourished abandoned dog
Source: The Dodo

Luckily, the pup wasn’t scared of humans at all, but Rachel was still very cautious about the way she handled him because she didn’t want him to run away and hide.

Rachel held her breath until she finally had a leash around this poor puppy’s neck.

“He froze. Wasn’t sure what was going on but trust was built that quickly. I think he knew he was going to a safe place. I think he knew it was good intentions,” she added.

Rachel was amazed at how fast the doggo, later named Gray, gained her trust. She even claimed that this was the “fastest trust-build” she had ever seen.

woman petting the dog
Source: The Dodo

The rescuer brought Gray into the car and watched how he peacefully slept the entire ride, knowing that he was finally in safe hands.

New Life

As soon as Gray got to the shelter, he received a head-to-tail exam and got medication to help heal his mange.

And, in the shortest time ever, Gray started looking like the prettiest boy in the whole wide world.

beautiful blue eyed dog
Source: The Dodo

“He hasn’t got a bad bone in his body, the happiest, most go-lucky dog. He really blossomed into the dog he could be,” she stated.

Of course, it didn’t take long for this incredible boy to find his forever home.

“I had no intention of getting another dog, but he has got this smiley face. He just looked like such a pleasant guy that I couldn’t resist him,” Richard, Gray’s new dad, told The Dodo.  

two dogs lying on bed
Source: The Dodo

Gray and his furry sibling, Cloud, clicked right away and became inseparable. They love spending their time playing and running around the beach, their favorite place in the world.

Richard is incredibly grateful to have somebody like Gray – a pup who reminds him that loving everybody is the way to live.

“He just loves everyone. He loves everyone he meets and he loves every dog he meets. He is always very uplifting. His head is full of love. He is a lovely dog,” concluded Richard

close-up photo of blue eyed dog
Source: The Dodo

Final Word

It is truly incredible when you see just how powerful love is.

Gray’s incredible transformation was all thanks to the love, care, and attention he received from the hoomans who rescued him, reminding him that he is worthy of the world.

So please, if you are able to, head down to your local shelter and allow another pup to completely transform by experiencing the true beauty of life and family.