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A Stray Dog Visited The Vet Clinic On His Own And That Was The Best Decision In His Life

A Stray Dog Visited The Vet Clinic On His Own And That Was The Best Decision In His Life

Every pet owner knows it is sometimes hard to tell when their furry friends are feeling under the weather. Through evolution, most animals, especially dogs and cats, have developed methods for masking pain or hiding discomfort. 

So, you can only imagine how hard it can be for an animal fending for itself on the street to show that something is wrong. 

This was exactly the kind of behavior that could have been expected from one stray dog ​​that walked the streets for a long time with an injured paw, and in pain. 

Nevertheless, this furry fellow decided to seek help. It was a life-saving move, but also one that left many surprised… positively, of course. 

He Wasn’t Shy About Showing He Was In Pain

It was another ordinary work day for veterinarian, Daysa Ferreira da Silva, at her Vet Vip Clinic. She had just finished with one patient and was about to receive the next one, who was lying on its owner’s lap across the way.

However, at that moment, something happened that she did not expect. A black, stray dog ​​suddenly appeared at the door, and for a few moments, he just observed the interior. 

dog on vet clinic
Source: YouTube

Just when they thought that curiosity had brought him there, and that he would quickly continue on his way, he instead headed towards the counter where Ferreira was standing.

Limping, he managed to reach the halfway point, where he stopped. Although she was very surprised, this experienced vet immediately knew what it was about.

“When he came in, he put the injured paw forward, as if to say hello and to show that he was hurting,” Ferreira told The Dodo. “We were surprised because he knew where to ask for help.”

nurse watching the dog
Source: YouTube

Ferreira did not hesitate to welcome the poor dog in, and she immediately showed him which direction he should continue to be able to get help. His trust in this big-hearted woman was not in question. 

This incredible moment was recorded by a surveillance camera.

A Visit To The Clinic Saved His Life

Ferreira immediately took this stray dog ​​to the operating room to examine him. Without any problems, as if they had known each other for years, the dog offered her his injured paw. After examining it, Ferreira could breathe a sigh of relief that it was nothing serious. 

Nevertheless, she decided to check the dog’s health fully, and as if she knew, Ferreira found something that was more serious than an ordinary paw injury.

She diagnosed him with a transmissible venereal tumor. However, she was very happy because this type of tumor is completely curable and very common in stray dogs. 

But, if he had not volunteered for the examination, who knows what would have happened later? 

He probably would not have gotten a new chance in life! That gave this event even more weight.

So, Ferreira immediately hospitalized him and gave him a 30-day treatment to heal his wounds and undergo chemotherapy – one that he tolerated perfectly well. 

Soon, Quindim, as Ferreira named the pooch, was perfectly healthy and better than ever.

“He doesn’t even look sick. He just is so excited to be around people who care about him,” Ferreira said for The Dodo

But, the best was yet to come.

All Of A Sudden, He Became The Most Wanted Stray

Ferreira posted the video of Quindim’s entrance, which surveillance cameras recorded, on Facebook. Soon, the story about the stray doggo who wandered into the vet clinic to ask people for help went viral on the Internet. 

And, as it usually happens, everything becomes easier when you’re famous, and so it was in Quindim’s case. 

Numerous inquiries about his adoption began to arrive at the address of the clinic. It then became clear that apart from saving his life, which was hanging in the balance, this dog was no longer a stray.

One visit changed his life forever, and he soon met his happy ending. About a year after this incredible event, Vet Vip Clinic recalled it on their Instagram profile

“The day he conquered the world 😍 today he is full of love and cuddles with his family, Quindim has gained weight and is showing good health,” they wrote. 

And, even if something goes wrong with his health, his parents don’t have to worry. Quindim already knows how to order himself a veterinary examination.