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A Shelter Dog’s Emotional Christmas Plea For A Loving Home Will Make Your Heart Cry

A Shelter Dog’s Emotional Christmas Plea For A Loving Home Will Make Your Heart Cry

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, full of shining lights and happy moments with beloved family. Most importantly, this is a time to fulfill wishes. 

Unfortunately, for those who are left to fend for themselves, and without family and loved ones, this time can only bring additional suffering and pain.

Being in a shelter for over 200 days without anyone paying attention to you is the best example of that sad situation; one dog was exactly there.  

Three-year-old Labrador and American Staffordshire terrier mix, Laguna, in her desperate attempts to find a warm home, saw Santa as her last straw of salvation. 

That’s why she sent him a heart-wrenching letter in the hope that he would find her a loving family. 

The Most Heartbreaking “Wish List” 

When Laguna came to Haseyas New Beginning Animal Rescue, in Rayne, Louisiana, she was a beautiful 3-year-old dog. She was in fairly good health and everybody was convinced that she would get her happy ending very soon. 

Almost 200 days later, during the holidays, instead of welcoming Christmas and the New Year with loved ones, Laguna is still waiting in the four walls of her kennel. 

Representative of Haseyas New Beginning, Kelli Briscoe, said that nobody deserves a home more than sweet Laguna. 

“Laguna’s ideal home would be with an active family, with children, and another adult dog that loves to play,” Kelli told Newsweek. “Laguna has energy for days and enjoys playing with her dog friends outside. Laguna is super smart and needs someone willing to keep her mind busy and teach her new things.”

But, since she came to the shelter, nobody has shown any interest in Laguna. “Not even a glance,” said Kelli. 

However, Laguna did not give up on her biggest wish. When she heard rumors from the humans at the shelter about an old man with a big, white beard who granted wishes, she immediately grabbed a pen and paper. 

The message she sent to Santa is probably the most touching one this Christmas.

The letter says:

Hi Santa,

I heard about you from my volunteer friends, and they told me you can help find forever homes for us doggies so I am really hoping you can help me find one.

Don’t get me wrong Santa, they are wonderful to me here at Haseya’s. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I’m used to it now and after many months I have good friends here who take me out and play with me.

Here’s what you can tell adopters about me Santa that might help. I’m a happy girl and a very friendly one …I’m really silly and love to have fun! I need a grown-up family that thinks I will be so speciaI they will play with me till I drop …I love chasing tennis balls ….and I like to go on long walks too.

I really hope you can find a family for me Santa. I would love to play fetch with you if you come to the shelter sometime and I thank you so much for reading my letter.

Love, Laguna

Haseyas New Beginning Animal Rescue posted the letter on Facebook, making many people sad, but also getting them to share the post, so that among the many letters, Santa could notice the one that came from Rayne.

They All Deserve A Merry Christmas

Haseyas New Beginning Animal Rescue was founded in 2018, and its initial focus was on rescuing equines. Later on, it expanded its mission to all animals, and dogs became the center of their focus. 

Since then, they have organized various events where they try to raise awareness of problems in the dog world, and regularly publish content on social networks that has the same goal.

One of their newest endeavors on Facebook is “Holiday Sleepovers”– a campaign focusing on their most overlooked dogs, including Laguna. 

“We’re looking for families to welcome these dogs as fosters from 12/24- 1/2 to give them a break from the shelter and to capture moments that will help them find a forever family,” they wrote. 

As Christmas is a time of giving and good deeds, we hope that someone who has read the letter will make an effort to send it to Santa Claus as soon as possible.

It would certainly be nice if, at least, one of the holidays, Laguna or another shelter pup would celebrate the holidays in the circle of a beloved family.