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A Scared Stray Dog Avoided Being Rescued For Years 

A Scared Stray Dog Avoided Being Rescued For Years 

When Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope For Paws, and his team of rescuers heard of a stray pup named Houdini, who was in need of their help, little did they know that rescuing him would be such a big challenge. 

Houdini lived at the port in Los Angeles for two years. People at the port fed the pup and took care of him from afar because he didn’t let them come near him. Some of them wanted to win his trust and take him home, but Houdini avoided being captured.

The port was an open space that was perfect for hiding. 

Animal Control once succeeded in catching the elusive pup, but he managed to escape. The rescuers from Hope For Paws were determined to catch Houdini and help him change his life for the better.

The Rescue Mission

a stray dog stands on the street and looks around
Source: Hope For Paws

The rescue team, consisting of four people, arrived at the port. They set a trap and waited for the dog to enter it. When Houdini appeared, he walked around the trap and quickly ran away. At that moment, the rescuers realized that they would need to come up with a better plan.

The next day, Hope For Paws joined forces with Rescue From The Hart and they prepared a new strategy for capturing the dog. This time, a team of seven people came to the port.

They tried setting temporary fences at the port and securing the area with soccer nets so that the pup could not escape.

a frightened dog runs down the street
Source: Hope For Paws

The moment Houdini saw the rescuers, he ran as fast as he could. The rescuers ran after him, but the little magician disappeared again. After it started raining, the rescuers left the port.

On the third day, the team came back with ten rescuers. All of them hoped that they would finally succeed at capturing the pup and bringing him to safety.

Just as they were entering the port, Houdini appeared as if he wanted to taunt them. A couple of minutes afterward, he vanished.

the dog is looking to cross the street
Source: Hope For Paws

The rescuers brought more soccer nets and fencing, and they made sure they sealed all exits from the Los Angeles port.

“There was just no way out of there,” Hagar said.

The rescuers spread out and covered every corner of the port. Each rescuer had their own net. They couldn’t wait to catch Houdini and save him from life on the streets. 

The rescuers knew how frightened he was. They were eager to hold him in their arms and show him that they were his friends.

a man and a woman are trying to catch a stray dog
Source: Hope For Paws

When Houdini appeared, the rescuers started running after him, making sure that he didn’t escape. 

Hagar succeeded in securing a leash around Houdini’s neck. The pup was scared and he tried to escape. Loreta threw a net over him and Houdini was rescued.

Feeling The Loving Touch Of A Human

volunteers managed to catch a stray dog
Source: Hope For Paws

The rescuers stroked Houdini, trying to calm him down. 

Hagar asked Mike, one of the security guards who took care of Houdini for two years, to approach the pup. Mike went over and stroked Houdini’s head. When the pooch felt the gentle touch of a human hand on his head after a long time, he became relaxed.

The rescuers took Houdini to a shelter. Hagar gently stroked his belly and the fear disappeared from Houdini’s eyes. He soaked up his rescuer’s cuddles and he buried his face in one’s shirt. The little magician felt safe after a long time. He started to open up.

a sad dog in a man's lap
Source: Hope For Paws

After she gave him a bath, Loreta took him in her arms and snuggled with him. Houdini turned into a love bug, covering Loretta in sweet kisses.

Houdini joined Rescue From The Hart and they found him a foster. Houdini enjoyed being in his foster home and he loved spending time with his dog friends. They showered him with love.

It didn’t take long for the pawdorable Houdini to find a forever home. His family fell deeply in love with him. Houdini felt happy to have a loving home and humans who adored him. He will never feel frightened again.