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A Scared Lost Pup Stops Traffic And Begs To Be Saved

A Scared Lost Pup Stops Traffic And Begs To Be Saved

While a driver was commuting through Miami, Florida, they suddenly screeched to a stop after they saw a furry creature running through the busy traffic. After they took another look, they realized that the furry creature was a lonely dog who was begging to be rescued.

Believing that humans would help her, the scared pup approached each car and asked them to help her the best way she could.

Sadly, every time she approached a car, she was ignored. Nobody wanted to stop and help her.

Deeply saddened to have witnessed such a scene, the driver immediately pulled over and rushed to help the lost dog. After luring her to safety, the Good Samaritan took the sweet girl to Miami-Dade Animal Services

Olivia Is Safe 

Rosa Fond is the founder of Humans and Animals United, a volunteer animal rescue organization based in Florida. She was reduced to tears after seeing the video of the pup weaving through the traffic and pleading for help. 

“We don’t know how long she was out there waiting to be rescued. A defenseless dog who can’t speak our language asking for help the only way she knew how: just by going up to cars,” Fond told The Dodo.

Fond talked to her team right away, and they came up with the plan to help the wonderful dog, later named Olivia.

Shortly afterward, one of the rescue’s representatives went to the Miami-Dade shelter to meet Olivia. They took a photo of the wonderful dog and they sent it to Fond.

“She was sad with her little tongue sticking out, probably waiting for the family that would never come to look for her. It shattered me to see her that way,” Fond said.

The Human and Animals’ representative took the sweet girl to the car and headed to the rescue. The lovely canine looked confused. She wasn’t aware that her life was about to change for the better.

The rescue staff and volunteers adored her and they were determined to help her find her happiness. 

Enjoying The Warmth Of A Loving Home

The next day, Olivia moved to a wonderful foster home and she was glad to feel the warmth and comfort of the home. That night, she slept in a warm bed, feeling safe and cared for.

The pup went to see the vet, and she received the necessary treatments for her skin condition and kennel cough. 

After she was showered with love, Olivia started blossoming into a happy pup. She had a wide smile on her face, and she charmed her family with her princess-like personality. 

Olivia enjoys her time in the foster home. She loves watching TV and hanging out with her foster siblings.

Her foster family says that she talks back to them and she succeeds in convincing them to do anything she wants them to do. When they see her lovely face, their hearts melt.

The sweet girl soaks up all the love her foster family gives her. She will never feel ignored again.

I’m sure that delightful Olivia will soon find a wonderful forever home filled with love and affection. Just like all pups in this world, she is worthy of immense love and care. 

We’re deeply grateful to the giant-hearted driver who didn’t ignore Olivia’s pleas for help. They stopped and brought her to safety. 

We mustn’t ignore our furry friends who are in need of help. These gentle souls believe that we will help them. We should never disappoint them.