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A 15-Hour-Long Drive Rescues Two Puppies Who Were About To Be Put To Sleep Forever   

A 15-Hour-Long Drive Rescues Two Puppies Who Were About To Be Put To Sleep Forever   

Just because they were covered in mange doesn’t mean they should be written off. 

Well, some people thought they should. 

Unfortunately, a lot of pups don’t make it because they end up in high-euthanasia shelters. That especially applies to shelters in California. 

The two puppies we’re meeting today came all the way from Los Angeles to Estacada, Oregon. It was a long drive… the longest one in their lives. But, also a ride they’ll remember forever because it was their ride to life. 

Once again, the Asher House and Lee Asher came at the last moment and snatched these two pups from the claws of eternal sleep. 

A Ride To Remember

man rescuing dogs
Source: Youtube

For years now, Lee Asher, the founder of The Asher House, has traveled across the States and rescued numerous dogs in need. It’s not unusual for him to drive to rescue dogs. 

This time, it was vice versa: the dogs came to him, and what a ride they had!

As Lee Asher says in the video you’re about to see, these pups were rescued at the last minute. It was their last chance to avoid the notorious E-list.

And, it was all because of mange. 

Truth be told, both pups came with a mange condition that was very bad. Even Lee Asher claims he never saw it this bad before.

rescued puppy
Source: Youtube

However, suffering from mange doesn’t immediately put dogs on the forever sleep list. That should never happen. 

Mange can be treated. It’s a skin condition not pleasant to dogs or humans, but there are effective treatments that use salicylic acid, iodine, or thymol all for the sake of the dog’s health.  |1|

Such a treatable condition isn’t the reason for shelters to get rid of dogs in such a cruel way. However, we’re aware that shelters are overbooked and need extra room. They claim that putting dogs to sleep is their only way out. 

Our only way out should be adoption… healing and giving them a new home!

Luckily, these two mange girls from the same litter were blessed to meet Lee Asher. He didn’t care that they had a skin condition. Lee truly followed his motto this time, too: 

Inspiring others, one rescue animal at a time.

smiling man with puppies in hands
Source: Youtube

“We got them right before they were going to get euthanized because of the mange, but they’re so incredibly sweet,” said Lee in the video.

That’s one precious cargo delivered to Lee Asher and his Asher House organization. 

On behalf of all dog lovers, I want to say thank you to the woman who drove for 15 hours to bring the pups to their new home. She’s a real MVP. 

There’s no doubt that the pups will find their furever home soon.

I’d also like to thank Lee and his crew for doing a tremendous job of rescuing animals. We need more people like them! 

Make sure you follow the Asher House, support them, and donate if you’re able. These guys truly make the difference we need to see.

|1| E. Aruch. The Cure of Demodectic Mange in the Dog. 1922. DOI