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A Fisherman Saves Caged Dog From Drowning In A Lake

A Fisherman Saves Caged Dog From Drowning In A Lake

Each time we see a dog caged, chained, or tied in a plastic bag, we can’t help but wonder: why do these cruel people exist? 

Taking away a dog’s liberty is beyond cruel, not to mention some other stuff those evil people do. Taking it out on someone who’s not even the same species as you? Shame on you! 

And shame on whoever did this!

dog in a cage floating in water
Photo from: WKRN

This story comes from Illinois. A dog was found near the edge of Kaufman Lake, caged, wet, and terrified. If it wasn’t for fisherman Bryant Fritz, the dog would have drowned. Fritz jumped in the water without even thinking twice. He saved the dog, took it to his truck, and rushed to the University of Illinois Veterinary Hospital. 

wet dog in a cage
Photo from: WKRN

At the hospital, Fritz found out the dog was severely hypothermic and had wounds that needed to be treated. Luckily, she wasn’t in grave danger. 

She is doing well! The team has been busy taking care of her today. She got a bath, and her wounds are being treated. She is a sweetheart and has been receiving lots of love and attention. Thank you to all of the people that have reached out and offered to help,” says Dr. Jenica Harashak, a specialist in emergency and critical care.

wet dog wrapped in the blanket
Photo from: WKRN

The dog is doing fine now, and once the Champaign County Animal Control takes custody, Fritz says he’ll adopt the dog. His beloved four-legged companion died recently, and he feels the rescued dog could fill his shoes. 

Considering what they went through together, they’re best buds in the making and simply meant to be.