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A Family Discovers An Abandoned Little Puppy Trembling With Fear Under A Bridge

A Family Discovers An Abandoned Little Puppy Trembling With Fear Under A Bridge

While a family was taking photos on a bridge in Dallas, Texas, they found an abandoned little furry creature. They felt heartbroken after they saw an underweight puppy trembling with fear under the bridge.

They instantly contacted Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform and told them that they found the puppy, who was in desperate need of help.

Kerry, the rescuer, headed to the bridge to save the pup. Once he arrived at the site, he kept searching the area to find her. 

His heart sank when he saw the tiny, skinny puppy. He understood why it was so difficult to spot her at first.

The Distrustful Puppy Doesn’t Let Kerry Approach Her

abandoned cute white puppy
Source: The Dodo

As soon as she saw him, she started running away. Kerry reassured her that it was okay and that he would help her. He would never leave her behind like her owners did. Having lost her faith in humans, the pup kept barking and snapping at Kerry.

He could only imagine for how long she had been roaming the area.

“…She was obviously very exhausted. And I just kind of waited her out and kind of you know, took my time with her,” Kerry told The Dodo.

Kerry happened to find a styrofoam cup in the grass and he used it to protect himself from getting bitten. He approached her, talking to her in a calm voice, and scooped her up.

a puppy in the hands of a woman
Source: The Dodo

Once he held her in his arms, her personality changed completely. That was the moment when the pup believed that Kerry was there to rescue her.

He cradled her like a little baby and took her to the car. After a long period of time, she felt safe. Kerry fed her while she was in his car. The starving puppy happily munched the food.

All She Needed Was Love 

a man caresses a dog standing on the bed
Source: The Dodo

He drove her home and took great care of her. He put her in a crate and kept talking to her. After he opened the crate and put her on a couch, everything changed.

“Once I took her out of her crate and I had some one-on-one time with her in the house, she opened up, felt safe and I think that’s when she was able to let her guard down, relax and become a loving dog,” Kerry said.

While she was sitting on the couch, she was looking at Kerry. Her eyes were melting with love and gratitude. 

a dog kisses its owner
Source: The Dodo

She was hungry for human love. While he cuddled her, she wagged her little tail and leaned in, giving him a sweet little kiss. The pooch was a real love bug.

“She’d roll over and let me rub her tummy. She would jump on my lap.”

Kerry knew that a loving pup like her would soon find a home. 

The rescue started searching for the perfect home for the pooch. They wanted her to forget her past and make sure she had a great future with a family who loved her.

The Puppy’s Dream Life

a cute white puppy dressed in a red sweater
Source: The Dodo

Shortly afterward, the sweet pooch found herself the perfect home. 

She doesn’t look like the puppy that Kerry found under the Dallas bridge. She gained weight and she is a pretty little princess. 

Her family adores her and they feel happy to have her in their life. They named her Bailey.

We’re thrilled that Bailey lives her best life with her family.

Her story emphasizes the importance of empathy. Bailey got her happy ending, thanks to the compassionate family who found her, and Kerry, her rescuer who believed in her.