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19 Great Danes That Believe They’re Still Smol Puppers

19 Great Danes That Believe They’re Still Smol Puppers

If Chihuahuas have the big dog syndrome, then Great Danes must have the small dog syndrome

All Great Danes are the same: completely unaware of their size!

Declared as one of the gentle giants, Great Danes are also some of the kindest dogs in the world. They’re loyal, docile, and above all, sweet and cuddly. 

A Great Dane will try to squeeze into your lap, sit next to you, or even demand that you hold him despite his size. It’s okay when they’re puppies, but once they grow up, it all becomes a habit.

Try to teach an adult Great Dane not to crawl into your lap. It’s impossible!

That’s why people have embraced their behavior and don’t mind the big baby attitude. 

Great Danes will always be Great Danes: big doggos acting like smol puppers, just like the ones from the photos down below.

1. Rockin Him To Sleep

This big baby still needs his mommy to rock him to sleep.

woman holding a grown up great dane
Source: Reddit

2. The Comfiest Place In The House

A clear example of a Great Dane that has no idea how much bigger he is than his sibling. Or, is he aware of it… hmm?

great dane sitting on the couch with another dog
Source: Reddit

3. The Neighborhood Spy Cam

When he was just a little pupper, he used to climb onto the bed and beg for a lift to see what was going on outside. Now, he just sits on the bed like it’s a completely normal thing for a dog to do.

great dane sits on bed and looks out the window
Source: Reddit

4. Hold Me, Mommy

He got scared, so naturally he ran to his mommy for comfort. No matter how big a dog gets, he’ll always be the baby of the family.

great dane sits in woman's lap
Source: Reddit

5. Spooning Hard

No one told him his brother hates being the little spoon.

great dane spooning with another dog
Source: Reddit

6. Lap Dog For Life

She has no heart to tell her she’s not a lap dog. Never was… never will be.

great dane acting like a lap dog
Source: Reddit

7. When All The Seats Are Taken…

… you have your hooman as an emergency chair. What? All the other pups at the vet are sitting in their hoomans’ lap!

brown great dane sits in woman's lap
Source: Reddit

8. Not So Close To The TV

Mom always says not to watch TV too closely. But, I’m a big boy now? I can enter the TV now, right?

great dane watches tv
Source: Instagram

9. He Outgrew The Picnic Table

Hey, guys… I can’t fit in here? Don’t they have bigger tables?

great dane sits on picnic table
Source: Instagram

10. That’s My Spot

What do you mean there’s no place on the couch? There’s plenty of it! I’m not THAT big.

great dane sleeps on couch
Source: Instagram

11. Bigger Than The Easter Bunny

Is the dog taking photos with the Bunny, or is it the other way around? 

great dane taking photos with the easter bunny
Source: Instagram

12. Aah, Perfectly Comfy

Don’t mind me. I’m just gonna squeeze in right here. You comfortable, too, Sharon?

black and white great dane rests on a woman
Source: Reddit

13. Matching Onesies Buddies

He outgrew onesies a while back. Since there are no such large numbers at the stores, his owner had to sew him one all by herself.

woman and great dane wearing matching outfits
Source: Reddit

14. It’s Getting Weird

Weird positions are funny when they’re puppies. But, as adult dogs, it’s just weird.

great dane curled up in a ball
Source: Reddit

15. Never Too Old For A Piggy Back Ride

Gee, I wonder who will be getting rides in a few months.

woman taking a selfie with great dane on her back
Source: Imgur

16. If It FIts, I Sits

Shhh, don’t tell him he’s way too big for his favorite chair!

great dane sits in small dog bed
Source: Reddit

17. All Great Danes Are The Same

They’ll all try to fit into your lap no matter if they’re almost as big as you are.

great dane tries to fit in woman's lap
Source: Reddit

18. Donut Dane

He won’t give up his puppy bed, even if it means he has to sleep curled up like a donut.

great dane in his puppy bed
Source: Reddit

19. No, We Definitely Can’t See You

What Great Dane? I see no large black dog behind that curtain. I’m pawsitive.

great dane hides behind the curtains
Source: Instagram