5 Reasons Why You Need A Rottweiler Poodle Mix

1. Good Family Pet

The Rottie Doodle will undoubtedly be a great family pet because of its willingness to play and readiness to protect.

2. Coat Type

The Rottie Doodle can inherit a combination of these coat types: a dense double coat, or a light single coat.

3. Coat Colors

The Rottie Doodle can inherit any of the abundant Poodle colors, but it can also lean more towards its other parent breed!

4. Good Guard Dog

The Rottie Doodle can grow into an intelligent watchdog that has a super cuddly side.

5. Easy To Train

The Rottie Doodle inherits big brains from both of its parent breed, so training this designer dog is a breeze!