Why Is My Dog Sleeping Under The Bed?  13 Reasons  & Some Tips

It’s great to see so many celebrities we know and love put their money where their heart is.

1. Your Dog Adores You!

2. Your Dog Wants To Protect You

Some dogs, especially guard dogs, sleep under your bed is because they want to protect you. These dogs are always on the lookout, and they take their role as protectors of the family very seriously.

Many dogs do not tolerate high temperatures well.  If your dog sleeps under your bed in the summer, then this is a place that is cool and dark enough for him.

3. A Cold And Dark Place To Sleep

Your dog has found a way to crawl into a place that seems warm and safe to him, which is under your bed.

4. A Warm And Cozy Place To Sleep

The reason why he would sleep under the bed may be that he is aware that he has done something he shouldn’t have done, and knows that he will be punished. So, he hides under your covers.

5. The Dog Has Done Something Wrong

Maybe your pooch just needs some privacy. He figured that the place where he would certainly not be bothered would be right under the bed.

6. The Dog Wants To Be Alone

Dogs love to hide food and toys. Some will choose to bury them in the yard, and some others will hide them right under your bed!

5. The Dog Has Done Something Wrong

You may have recently started leaving him alone at home. All of this affects your puppy’s emotions. Various causes can lead to feelings of loneliness and even depression in dogs.

8. The Dog Is Lonely

This is especially common when our puppies are very young. For example, a dog can be startled by loud noises, such as thunderstorms, and find a safe place under your bed.

9. The Dog Is Scared

Whatever it is, something has disturbed your pooch’s peace and safety. In order to find comfort, he prefers to sleep in the place where he will be closest to you.

10. The Dog Feels Threatened

Since our dogs cannot explain to us in words what is bothering them, it is certainly good to monitor their behavior. What you can do is check if there are any visible signs of illness on your dog’s body.

11. The Dog Is In Pain

When you bring a dog from the kennel to your home, you can not be completely sure what his previous home looked like. So, the only place he wants to sleep is under the bed.

12. Previous Traumatic Experience

As they get old, dogs start to enjoy enclosed spaces rather than being surrounded by many people. Many of them will want to sleep under the bed precisely to have privacy and to rest without anyone else around them.

13. The Dog Is Getting Old