Why Does My Dog Lick My Legs? 7 Common Reasons

It’s A Form Of Attention-Seeking

Your dog may be feeling lonely or neglected, or he simply wants to play or go out for a walk.

It’s A Form Of Comfort

Dogs can be afraid of any small thing, even what is seemingly nothing to us!

It Could Be A Warning Sign

If your dog licking your feet is followed by some whining, he could also be warning you of potential danger.

He Loves The Salty Taste

This may seem a bit ridiculous, but one of the reasons dogs lick your legs is because of your sweat.

It’s Your Pheromones

While we humans may not necessarily be able to smell them, our dogs certainly can.

Your Dog Is Showing Submission

This one ties into the stress part a little bit as your dog may be fearful of you to a degree.

He’s Trying To Groom You

Your dog may think of himself as your caretaker and may start cleaning you with his own tongue.