When To Euthanize A Dog With Liver Failure: 5 Signs You Need To Be Aware Of

1. Drugs That Cause Liver Failure In Dogs

There are a lot of drugs that can cause liver problems in dogs, and there is no way of actually predicting which dogs will have a drug reaction.

2. Toxic Substances That Cause Liver Failure In Dogs

A lot of food containing toxic substances should be kept away from the dog’s reach.

3. Symptoms Of Liver Failure

Lethargy or fatigue  Loss of appetite  Weight loss  Disorientation Diarrhea

4. Treatment For A Failing Liver

The treatment of canine liver failure depends greatly on the stage of liver failure.

5. Testing For Canine Liver Failure

It is recommended to do the following tests:  A physical exam  Abdominal ultrasound  Liver biopsy  Urinalysis