7 Causes Of Red Paws On Dogs &  2 Ways To Prevent Them


1. Infections

Two of the main pathogenic organisms that cause skin infections (especially on paws) are fungi and bacteria.

2. Allergies

Allergies like flea bite and food allergies are considered to be the most common reason for your dog’s red paws.

3. Parasitic Diseases

Sarcoptic Mange and Demodicosis are types of diseases when connected with red paws.

4. Cuts And Blisters

With dogs that get  a smaller cut and have dark paws, it can be hard to notice the redness.

5. Extreme Temperatures

A hot pavement is one of the most common causes of red paws in dogs.

6. Ringworms

The thing with ringworms is that they usually don’t stay only in one place.

7. Biting And Licking

Excessive licking is usually a showcase that something is already wrong and that they are trying to ease whatever is bothering them.

1. Avoid Harsh Weather Conditions

Try to avoid taking your dog for a long walk during harsh weather conditions.

2. Treat Allergies

If you ever find out that your dog has allergies, you will probably be given some medication.