Tri Color Border Collie: 5 Things That Make This Dog Stand Out

Rare Color

The tri-color Border Collie is one of the rarest color patterns of this amazing dog breed.

The Tail Stands Out

With the tri-color Border Collie, it’s common to see the tail be a distinct solid color that’s different from the rest of his fur.

Merle Combinations

Coat color of merle tri-color Border Collies is mostly gray with black spots or red with white spots.

Gold Border Collie

Known as the blondes of the Border Collie world, the golden Border Collie has a very nice, light cream color to them with standard white markings

Red Border Collie

The Red Border Collie can be either a light red or a darker one, or it could have both present in a light gradient that darkens out on their backs.