Toy Cavapoo: 7 Reasons Why This Pup Is The Seetest Of All Poodle Mixes

Compact Size

Toy Cavapoos are great fits for city apartments under the condition that you take them outside for their daily exercises.

Beautiful Looks

Usually, you’ll see Toy Cavapoos featuring shades of chestnut, gold, brown, apricot, fawn, cream, and white wavy coats!

Sweet On The Inside

Toy Cavapoos make excellent family dogs because they’re super friendly and kind.

Good For Allergy Sufferers

People usually get Toy Cavapoos because they’re great for allergy sufferers, but they fall in love with their temperaments instead.

Little Adventurers

Toy Cavapoos are open to new adventures and new humans (or animals) in their life.

Affectionate Pups

Toy Cavapoos always seem to be very excited to meet you and show you their signs of affection.

Playful Mates

They love to play, be in the center of attention, and make your days filled with joy.