Teacup Miniature Dachshund: 5 Facts About The Tiniest Wiener Dog

Personality Traits

Both male and female Dachshunds are affectionate, gentle, obedient, trainable, and intelligent dogs that love to please their owner.


Mixed Teacup Doxies have a higher chance of living a long and healthy life compared to their runt-bred and dwarvish counterparts.

Very Popular Dogs

Their incredibly tiny statures coupled with a wonderful temperament is probably the reason behind the Teacup Dachshund’s ever-growing popularity.

Not Ideal For Kids

Teacup Doxies are not an ideal choice for families with small children, rambunctious older kids, or other larger pets in the house.

High Price

It’s not uncommon for breeders to charge thousands of dollars for a Teacup Miniature Doxie.