5 Facts About Straight Hair Labradoodles

Unique Coat Type

There are various possible lengths and consistencies of flat coats in Labradoodles, ranging from short to long, from scruffy to slick.

Straight Coats By Color

Straight hair Labradoodles can inherit cream, chocolate, caramel, black, red, and white coat colors!

Less Hypoallergenic Than Other Doodles

Straight-haired Labradoodles are less hypoallergenic than their curly-haired peers.

Minimal Grooming

Straight-haired Labradoodles' hair doesn’t tangle and it sheds regularly, so basically, no trips to the groomer are necessary.

Shedding Issues

Straight-haired Labradoodles shed quite often and that requires a great deal of effort from your side.