Standard Poodle Growth Chart: 7 Factors That Affect The Poodle's Growth

Poodle Puppies Need Their Mother

As soon as they start drinking their mother’s milk and receiving all the necessary nutrients, their growth rate increases rapidly.

After Weaning Comes Solid Puppy Food

From two to four weeks of age, Poodle puppies are weaned off their mother’s milk and encouraged to try some solid puppy food.

Socialization Period

Four to three months of age is the best possible time to start slowly training them and teaching them to follow instructions.

Genetics Play The Key Role

Nearly all physical traits in Poodles are inherited from their parents, who have inherited them from their parents.

Proper Diet

Your Standard Poodle needs a balanced, regulated diet that will provide it with all the ingredients that are needed for its development.

Quality Exercise

Standard Poodles are highly energetic and active dogs, so you should provide them with ample opportunity to channel that energy.


Spaying or neutering too early can cause your Standard Poodle to grow at an uneven and unpredictable rate.