Rottweiler Feeding Chart: 5 Diet Choices

Store-Bought Dog Food

Store-bought food can be formulated for many different needs like for puppies, large dogs, dogs with a sensitive stomach, and many more.

Wet Dog Food

This type of food goes bad easily, so you need to make sure that the date is good, and that it does not sit for a long time in a bowl.

Kibble – Dry Dog Food

Because of the mechanical abrasion that happens when the dog eats this type of food, you can be sure that their teeth will have benefits.

Homemade Dog Food

This type of dog food takes some effort and time, and it can be too much for some people, which we understand.

Raw Food (Or BARF)

This diet consists of meat, bones, and sometimes vegetables. When it comes to preparation, there is none, of course.