Rhodesian Ridgeback Feeding Chart: 5 Helpful Tips

Feeding Schedule

While there is no rule of thumb when it comes to a feeding schedule, most Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies should be fed three smaller meals per day.

Amount Of Food

The amount of food your Rhodesian Ridgeback adult dog consumes is influenced by its size, age, condition, constitution, metabolism, and activity levels.

Avoid Immediate Physical Activity

Immediate physical activity after a meal can cause your Rhodesian Ridgeback dog to develop acute canine bloat which is a life-threatening condition.

Raw Food Diet

Fresh meat is easy to digest and provides lots of benefits for your Rhodesian Ridgeback’s skin, coat, and bones.

Meat, meat, and meat!

When feeding your Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, meat should always be the first ingredient and priority.