Miniature Rottweiler: 5 Facts About This Mini Canine Wonder

Eye-Catching Appearance

The miniature Rottweiler inherits a blocky head and pendant-shaped ears. Their ears can be cropped and their tails docked.

Miniature Vs. Teacup

Miniature Rottweilers are larger than teacup Rottweilers and they are generally healthier than these small dogs.

Fun Pawsonality

Being smaller in size than the standard Rottweiler, the miniature Rottweiler inherits more energy, making it very active and outgoing!

Adorable Coat Pattern

Miniature Rottweilers inherit specific tan markings across their muzzle and those cute tan dots right above their eyes!

Coat Type

Mini Rott’s both coat layers are straight and coarse, making it not-so-soft to touch.