7 Reasons Why You Need A Miniature Labrador

Pawesome Temperament

The mini Labrador version is equally kind, friendly, and loving as the standard version of this dog.

Great With Kids

The Mini Labrador is a wonderful option for families with children of all ages!

Active Pooch

The Mini Labrador is quite energetic and needs different activities, both physical and mental, to stay happy.

Coat Characteristics

Mini Labradors come in a variety of coat colors - we can find mini black Labs, mini chocolate Labs, and mini yellow Labs.

Compact Size

One of the pros of a smaller dog such as the Mini Labrador is the fact that you can keep him in an apartment or in a smaller house.


The Mini Labrador is an intelligent dog that is a pleasure to train. All you need is to know how to be creative in order to keep this puppy’s attention!


For Mini Labradors, it is good to choose food that contains less fat and is rich in protein.