Miniature Akita: 5 Things You Always Wanted To Know

Breeding Purpose

The Akita dog originates from Japan where it was bred as a big game hunter, brave enough to face deer, bears, and boar.

Coat Type And Colors

Mini Akitas have a rich double coat, with a dense undercoat that makes them very fluffy and adorable. You will find them in brindle, white, black, red, and many more shades!

Pawsonality Traits

The Miniature Akita is a true little protector of his family and his home, so it is clear that you have some serious watchdog material here.

Training Sessions

Miniature Akita owners must be respectful during the training, and that is something that your dog will give you in return.

Cat-Like Behavior

These dogs have an emphasized prey drive that they sometimes express by lurking their prey in the manner of a cat!