Mini St. Bernard: 7 Reasons To Own Or Not Own It

Lovely Appearance

Mini St. Bernards can only be stunningly-beautiful dogs because they come from equally stunning parents.

Super Sweet Temperament

The Mini St. Bernard is a little social butterfly. He enjoys spending time with his family, making sure everyone’s looking happy.

Hardworking Nature

Mini Saint Bernards are more active than the popular gentle giants. This is to do with the fact that they come from a Spaniel parent.

Smart Cookies

Mini St. Bernards can brag about being really smart cookies because they come from two quite intelligent parents.

Affordable Price

Mini St. Bernard puppies are mixed breed dogs that belong in the mid-range of dog prices.

Huge Shedders

You’ll need lots of time and a commitment to daily brushing if you want a good-looking Mini.

Prone To Separation Anxiety

If you go outside and don’t bring your Mini, the chances are that he’ll feel sad. Repeating this pattern every day might result in your dog feeling rejected.