7 Traits Of A Mini Double Doodle

1. Meet The Pawrents

The Mini Double Doodle is a crossbreed dog derived from a Mini Goldendoodle and a Mini Labradoodle.

2. Curly Coat

Mini Double Doodle puppies can inherit a wavy or curly coat type depending on the genes.

3. Hypoallergenic Coat

The Mini Doodle is a dog’s coat with a special hypoallergenic trait for all allergy sufferers.

4. Amazing Family Dog

The Mini Double Doodle is a dog that would be a great family member to any type of family!

5. Mini Size

Mini Double Doodles are smaller than the standard version and bigger than the Mini version of a Double Doodle dog.

6. Sensitive Dogs

Mini Double Doodles are family-oriented dogs, extremely loyal, and they can sense our fear, sadness, or anger.

7. Very Adaptable

The adaptability of a dog means they will be able to handle sudden and frequent changes in your life.