Mini Chow Chow: 5 Facts About This Miniature Teddy Bear Dog

Due to their black and blue tongues, the mini Chow Chows are often referred to as black tongue/blue tongue mini dogs.

Blue Tongue

Mini Chow Chows are developed by either breeding two runts, crossbreeding, or genetically causing the miniature size due to the dwarfism gene.

Breeding Process

The mini Chow Chow inherits a muscular build from its standard parent, but it may also inherit other bodily features of the smaller breed parent.

Body Structure

Mini Chow Chow’s ruff and ears are where the richest and softest fur is concentrated. It is so dense and fluffy, that it makes it look like a mini lion!

Coat Type

Mini Chow Chows love to be dominant, it is in their veins! This is why it’s important to introduce them to other canine friends and pets.

Dominant And Confident