Mini Border Collie: 7 Things You Didn't Know


The mini Border Collie also comes from the same regions as the standard Border Collie, because it is basically the same breed of dog.

Versatile Dogs

Herding, running, and solving difficult tasks are only a few things that mini Border Collie dogs do throughout the day.

High Trainability

Mini Border Collies are extremely energetic dogs that are relatively easy to train.

Loyal To The Bone

Mini Border Collies are known for their boundless devotion to their owners and the ability to work together.

Compact Size

A mini Border Collie is an adorable little dog that’s not too small to be a lap dog but not too big to be a house dog.

Body Structure

Mini Border Collie’s legs are thin and their joints aren’t as large as in other dogs with dwarfism genes.

Coat Type

Their coats are pretty thick and dense, making it easy for mini Border Collies to endure different weather conditions.