5 Reasons Why Merle Goldendoodle Dogs Are Special

Merle Coat Pattern

What makes the merle pattern unique is that no two merle Goldendoodles are the same. The merle pattern is as random as it can get!

Rare Dogs

The difference between a merle Goldendoodle and a regular Goldendoodle is in merle Goldendoodles being rarer.

Changing Colors

As the merle Goldendoodle puppy grows older, the merle coat pattern along with a solid base color start to lighten.

Funky Temperament

esides high-energy levels, merle Goldendoodles are affectionate pooches that love to spend time with their family.

Outgoing Dogs

Merle Goldendoodles also like to hang out with other dogs and pets, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them together in the house while you’re gone.